One Pot Zesty Nacho Pasta


This recipe was dreamt up in the prepared boxed food aisle of WalMart! HA! It has been tested by my picky children and has been wildly approved! Then I sent it off to my best friend and she tried it out on her family! Her children may be even pickier than my children! Now, her husband is even pickier than the children and they all APPROVED! The overwhelming resounding yes was from her son who says they should have it for every meal and every occasion! Kids can be so funny!

I am always desperately looking for new things to cook for dinner since my husbands taste buds seem to be limited!! The “handy helper” used to be a definite go-to when we were first married since it was well liked.  I have since been trying to move our family in the more healthy direction for food consumption. Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the side of the box? Can you honestly say that you can pronounce all the ingredients? 

This is what the raditore pasta looks like!

So, let’s break it down.  What do you love on nachos? Well, there’s the taco meat, beans, cheese, of course, chips, and salsa! I started with ground turkey (you could also use beef) along with a serving of my taco seasoning mix and I browned the meat. Next, I added in a whole can of tomato sauce, a can of whole beans (black or pinto) unrinsed, one and a half cans of water and a pound of raditore pasta! By cooking the pasta in with the tomato sauce and beans the pasta will soak up all of that good flavor! Once the pasta was tender I added in a cup of cheese and mixed it all together.

The smooth balanced flavor that was created from the mixture of pronounceable known ingredients is a little addicting! I choose to top mine with more cheese (because YES PLEASE!!), sour cream, cilantro, and a little onion. If you like a little more heat you could add some diced pickled jalapenõ. 

This recipe is now in our regular rotation! What is a family favorite you would like to see turned a little healthier?

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Beckie Cochran
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