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Like many people who are concerned about climate change, I often wonder how to make a difference on such a giant problem that spans our globe.  We are consistently told the biggest difference we can make is by voting for the right elected officials, but for many what follows is a feeling of hopelessness or a discussion that soon becomes an argument expanding into other broad political discourse . . . we give up.

So, what can we do?  Well, a lot, even if it’s just a little.  As parents we all know how challenging it can be to consistently model thoughtful conservation and energy use for our children when we live in a culture of consumption. However, I am convinced that small changes make for big transformations; creating sustainable daily habits will lead to powerful models that support our values and change our lifestyles.

Despite the hype, living more sustainable doesn’t have to be extreme (unless you want it to be) or expensive.

Below are a few options to help you live a more sustainable life. 

And if you just can’t get behind any of these ideas, check out the links to your local Arizona Senators and Representatives to advocate for sweeping legislation supporting the efforts of combating climate change. 

Arizona Chapter

Diaper Recommendations:  Easy Does it Diaper Service.  This is a local woman who will pick up your soiled cloth diapers weekly and replace them with clean ones.  We used her while we used cloth diapers.

Single Serve Kid ProductsReusable Kid pouches to make your own.  I like these as you can also add in more fat and protein which I find are usually lacking in the food pouches you buy at the grocery store.  They are pretty easy to fill and clean since they open at the bottom.  

Part of the draw for single serve foods for kids is that they are fun to eat, so when we use food shapes our son will eat more.  He will not eat cheese cut in slices but he will eat if it’s shaped like a dinosaur

Ziploc, Plastic Wrap and Plastic Produce bags: We still have some old Ziploc bags that we reuse but eventually those wear out, so we use the following for long term use:

Silicone Lids

Reusable Storage Bags

 Compost bin: 

Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles: We have recently switched to shampoo and conditioner bars and have found a great small company called Parrot Fish who makes these sustainable products.  The other cool thing is their name: The Parrot Fish plays a very important role when it comes to the issues of bioerosion due to their feeding habits. They use the sharp beak to be able to remove algae from rocks. This helps with the production and maintenance of the coral sand for the reef biome as well. They grind up small rocks while eating and when they excrete it, they create sand.  Pretty cool!  

Tissues/Napkins: Hankies and reusable napkins.  We use washable napkins in our home for meals instead of paper towels and hankies instead of tissues.  Here is what we use for our 3 year old’s napkins and the cloth napkins in our home:

Flannel Little Wipes

Oversized Dinner Napkins

Reusable To go Coffee Mug

About the Author:

Kristin Kauffman is a local Flagstaff wife and mom of 3-year-old Dash.  She is a Senior Lead Investigator for a major Health Insurance Company and a participant of the first cohort of “Climate Leaders of Flagstaff,” a program supported by the City of Flagstaff through the development of the City of Flagstaff’s first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. 


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