Kasondra + Gia [ Candid Motherhood ]


I thought I would be the mom at the farmers market, carrying a swaddled baby and slowly choosing organic carrots. Um. No. Gia is a runner! I spend most of my day chasing her, as she screams FIRE in public places. But gosh, how I love her.

Jayde of JP Photography captured the sweetest slice of motherhood during her time with Kasondra and Gia. When we received the preview images from Jayde, we gasped when we saw the photo of Kasondra’s hand resting softly on Gia’s back. That is motherhood. A quiet moment. A brief second of calm enveloped by noise and chaos. A mother’s hand, steady and supportive. Guiding and encouraging. 

Thank you Kasondra and Gia for sharing a slice of your lives with us, and thank you to JP Photography for the beautiful images.

To connect with Jayde and view more of her work see her website, Facebook and Instagram.