5 Healthy Habits I am Continuing this Year


I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions because as you know, by February, most of them are long forgotten! I am however always up for a new healthy habit, a challenge, or learning something new. I am a big fan of paying close attention to things that spark your interest. Those things can become healthy habits, new passions, or new careers!

Here are 5 things I have started in the last few years that have stuck. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas on getting healthy too!

Going stress-free

Ok, let’s be real: in the world that we live in this may never be possible. Even if we moved off the grid and out of society, life will still bring stress! But I am doing everything I can to not let stress be another cause of health issues in my life. I joined a 19-day yoga challenge, in hopes that I will find a yoga style and a yoga community that I love. I also started meditating, you can read more about that journey here and here. And lastly in this category, I have been trying to ‘let it go’. And in the parenting world, this book is helping me along the way!

Getting healthy

When my thyroid started getting whacky a few years ago, I started on a very long and ongoing path to health. I have since met several alternative health practitioners. I never thought I would, but I have gone gluten free and so many other things. I am so grateful for all types of health care people in this world, and especially those that have helped me on my journey. Cooking at home has been the biggest change for me. Currently, I am loving reading about traditional food preparation in this local Flagstaff health practitioner’s book The Funky Kitchen!

Getting involved in the community

To get more involved in our community, we volunteered at the food bank over the summer. Here is a facebook group that has volunteer events in Flagstaff.  You also can find community events right here on Flagstaff Moms Blog. Women Empowering Northern Arizona is a great group of women here in Flagstaff that raises money for local non-profits in a fast and efficient way. And it is a great way to meet people and learn about our community!

Getting Organized

I definitely jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon when her book came out. The only thing for me that did not work, in that book, was that organizing and decluttering is a one time job. So, with the release of her show on Netflix, I have gotten remotivated to get organized!

Take a class

You can learn anything you want on YouTube these days. I just signed up for a singing class through Udemy.com (should be interesting for sure!). A good friend of mine is taking Spanish at the community college. I want to show my kids that life long learning is fun. I am a lifelong learner for sure and I know this will help keep my brain healthy!

I know all of these things have and will continue to help me be healthy and have fun! What healthy habits do you have that have stuck with you?

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Katie Woodard
Katie has lived in Flagstaff for 22 years and grew up in North Carolina. She has 10 and 12 year old boys who are certainly an adventure! Her family is by far the most rewarding part of her life. Katie loves hiking and running in our beautiful hills, skiing, river rafting, traveling, health and clean eating (thanks to a whacky thyroid). She is also always taking small steps to clean up our environment, and she is currently learning meditation and just loves learning in general! Katie and her college roommate drove to AZ from VA after college and Katie has only left briefly but Flagstaff is her home for sure! She met her wonderful husband while river guiding in the Grand Canyon. Katie is a family photographer at www.katiewoodardphotography.com, here in Flagstaff and loves capturing the natural love and beauty in families. Her newest fun adventure is co-founding Women Empowering Northern Arizona.