Lazy Meal Planning for Busy Families


I’ve been documenting my meal planning for the last few years trying to unlock the secret to making it quick and headache-free. Currently, my family has been using this formula, and while it’s quite broad, it does help to narrow down a household of opinions.

Monday: Soup Night!

Soup, stew or curry

Current favorites include zuppa tuscana, garden quinoa soup, pineapple curry, and dumpling stew, West African Peanut Stew, tamale pie.

Tuesday: Hispanic or Asian inspired

Yes, my broadest day of the week, but these are the communities I grew up with and the foods are a comfort (and a hit!)

Current favorites: Chilaquiles, Taco Tuesday or sweet potato and black bean enchiladas; Pancit, pad see ew, stir fry or fried rice.

Wednesday: It’s Italian 

I’m Sicilian so my culture gets its own reoccurring night. How would this night look for your family?

Current rotation: Spaghetti, pesto, ravioli or pasta salad.

Thursday: Salad night

To be honest, I hate salad, but this is my attempt at making healthy positive changes for myself and my family. Jazz it up how you like. Don’t get bored.

This week: Taco salad.

Friday: Rice and beans or leftovers

We use Fridays to be penitent and mindful of what we have that others don’t.

Current rotation: Beans and rice burritos, beans and rice with veggies, leftovers thrown in a tortilla or with eggs.

Saturday and Sunday: It’s the weekend!

Something a little bit bigger and a little more special that takes more time to throw together. BBQ, casseroles, Sunday gravy, lasagna, moussaka or take out! This week my kids chose breakfast for dinner for Saturday followed by Diablo Burger for Sunday.

What system do you use for meal planning?