Karli Haviland

Karli Haviland
I am a Flagstaff local from toddlerhood. I went to FALA for high school and graduated from NAU with a BA in Secondary English Education. I married my high school sweetheart, and together we’re building our life with our toddler Moira, whom I stay at home with full time. My passion is working with pregnant people during their journey to and through birth and post partum as a birth doula and birth photographer, and I work with another doula in town to provide those services to the Flagstaff community. I dance and perform with a Modern Dance company several times a year, and I teach baby & me music and dance classes around town weekly. I enjoy reading, hiking with friends, and playing Zelda in my spare time.

We’ve All Wondered if We’re Bad Moms

We've all wondered if we're bad moms. Am I a bad mom for putting my kid in preschool full time? He's too young for that much time away from me. A better mom would...
sick baby

How to: Survive a Sick Baby

My 3 month old got the chicken pox. And despite people's encouragement that it's better to deal with at a younger age, it's pretty tough any time you have a sick baby, for a...

Body Autonomy: It Starts with Diaper Changes

I sat and talked with the babysitter, a good friend of mine, about how Moira's time with her had been. My friend gave me the usual rundown of activities and various reactions Moira had...

Doulas are Everything, and Yes I’m Biased

There's a lot of buzz going around about doulas. Maybe you're entirely new to the concept, maybe you hired one for your last birth. Before I go into all things doula, let me preface...
growing pains

Growing Pains

They say your heart will grow to accommodate all the love in your heart for a new baby. They say you'll love your second as much as your first. They say it's a hard...

Beyond the Thankful Thirty: 5 Ways to Bring Authentic Gratefulness into Your Life

1. Write a thank you note! I have given myself permission to not write dozens of thank you notes after our wedding, baby shower, or every birthday party. Even though I am thankful, I find...

Perfectionism, Partners, and Parenting Differences

It turns out I have a perfectionist streak. You wouldn't know it by the state of my house or my appearance on a given day; because outer appearances don't matter as much to me...

When Your Mom Village is Hard to Find

Recently, I sat in a circle of women revolved around one woman in particular in order to honor her passage into motherhood. They blessed her with their prayers, words of encouragement, tears of friendship,...

Baby Wipes Shortage: a Solution

If you've got a baby, like me, and they tend to poop in their diapers, like mine does, then you need a safe easy effective way to clean that poop off their rear-end (and...

Let’s Talk About Sex…and Gender

"We only believe in two genders," is a little bit like saying, "we only believe in Great Danes and Chihuahuas." There are obviously hundreds of other breeds of dogs, but that belief system only...

Not Another Personality Test: The Enneagram

"What's Your Type?" Like, your enneagram type...any number 1-9 could describe what drives you, and either or both of your wings help clarify your unique mixture of personalities. Lost yet? I was too, but when...

Play with me, Mama!

We hear it a thousand times a day. It's always in the middle of a chore or right after we sit down with a hot cup of coffee. "Play with me, Mama!"  Why is it that...

Meaningful Christmas Traditions – No Religion Attached

Without getting too theological, my family decided to take a step back from a lot of the religious Christmas traditions we were raised with this year. We have a 2-year-old who is definitely forming...