Welcome, GoPuff

This post was created in partnership with GoPuff – all opinions are our own

I recently had the chance to try out a new delivery service in town called GoPuff. According to their website, GoPuff was created by college students looking to keep the party going – and the available products definitely skew toward a college-student/young-adult crowd.  I picture their warehouse like a Walgreens. A Walgreens where you can buy anything from basic groceries and toiletries to vibrators and bongs (ahem, “GoPuff,” get it? Get it?)

No matter where your needs fall in that spectrum, you can probably find something that appeals. There is a decent variety of junk food and organic foods. Also household goods and small electronics, like phone chargers. You’re not going to find produce, but there are 58 kinds of ice cream in stock. So, again, this isn’t where you’d likely do your grocery shopping but is a well-stocked convenience and more store.

I placed an order on a Thursday evening and picked a variety of items – two organic frozen meals, a pint of ice cream, a half gallon of almond milk, some fancy peanut butter cups, “wholesome” fudge bites and a Bluetooth shower speaker. I placed my order at 6:45 pm (granted, probably not an in-demand time to “keep the party going”) and my order was in my hands by 7 pm. I have no idea how they did it. I imagine it is because GoPuff has a warehouse somewhere in Flagstaff and so there isn’t a lag time while they shop for my goods. But still. Unless that warehouse is in my garage, it’s impressive.

Pricing is definitely higher than in a store, but the delivery fee is only $1.95 and delivery is free with an order over $49.  So the higher prices could be worth paying for convenience.  It’s probably not likely I would use GoPuff to keep the party going, but I could see placing an order some evening when my kids are in bed and I want a sweet treat and eggs for pancakes in the morning.

Overall, it’s great to have GoPuff join the growing crowd of delivery options available in Flagstaff… finally!