10 Go-To Bedtime Stories


Some days are good and some days are bad, but both the girls and I look forward to a snuggle and story time before bed. If your kiddos are anything like mine they tend to pick the same book night after night.

Here are a few of our favorites that might ease your cringe when you hear “AGAIN!” Some are sweet and others are funny but the time spent together is what is most important.

10 Bedtime Stories

  1. The Little Engine that Could – This classic story is one of my favorites. Have you ever noticed that the little blue engine’s character is female?
  2. Goodnight Grand Canyon – Well, as a lover of Northern Arizona, it’s no wonder this made the list. These can be found in almost all major cities, national parks or states. They are short, sweet and educational. What’s not to love?
  3. The Belly Button Book – I love anything Sandra Boyton, but this book has gotten my girls laughing out loud over their “bee-bo’s.”
  4. Sisters – Sisters is a story of how two sisters can be alike and different but at the end of the day the most important thing they share is the love for each other. That’s all a mother can hope for right?
  5. Where Do Little Diggers Sleep at Night? – As a mother of all girls sometimes is nice to expand beyond the princesses and bows. This is a story about all different trucks and where they must sleep at night.
  6. On the Night You Were Born – I love this book because of its rhythm and how each time I read it I walk away reminiscing about the day they were born. It also makes a great baby shower gift.
  7. I Love you Through and Through – “I love your mad side and your happy side” It sends a great message that maybe we wouldn’t say out loud on a regular basis.
  8. Mountain Night, Mountain Day – A story of all mountain animals and their environment.
  9. Do Princesses… Series- These offer a great modern twist on a princess story.
  10. I’ll See You in the Morning – Another sweet story to read before bedtime. It explains what night time is and that we are close by if needed, but we will see you in the morning…..hopefully not before then.

Our book collection is huge but these are a few we always come back to. I hope you enjoy them too!

What are some of your favorite stories to read before bed?