Flagstaff Moms Neighborhood Guide


When we moved to Flagstaff over 10 years ago, I really had no idea where to start in figuring out where to live. I asked an acquaintance who had gone to NAU for recommendations… if you can believe it, where he’d live as a 20 year old college student didn’t exactly mesh with where I wanted to live as a 28 year old young professional. But over time, we figured it out. To help newcomers get a jump start on figuring out the best neighborhood for them, I asked Flagstaff Moms Blogs contributors to share about neighborhoods they’ve lived in around town. I’ve broken it down into east side and west side areas, check out a detailed map here and see and what our contributors have to say about where they live.  Plenty of neighborhoods aren’t represented here, share in the comments what you love (or would change) about where you live in Flagstaff.


Country Club

How long have you lived there? Over 2 years.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? It is quiet (away from downtown and student life). It’s close to fun places. It is a great location to see the fireworks from Continental Country Club on the 4th of July.  

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? We go to Foxglenn park all the time. We are members of the Aquaplex, and go to the mall play place frequently (they are both a short drive away). 

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? I wish it was more tight knit/ easier to get to know neighbors. Our cul-de-sac in Boulder Run is pretty isolated, and there aren’t that many homes. I’m looking forward to more businesses opening up closer to us.  

This neighborhood is best for…. quiet, family-friendly, affordable 

-Christine Davis

Doney Park

How long did you live there? I lived in Doney Park for almost 5 years.

What are your 3 favorite things about your neighborhood? I didn’t see much of my neighbors but everyone I did know on my street was very kind.  I would love a happy middle between the space I had back then and the space I have now. My mortgage was a lot less! 

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? We utilized Sunset Crater Trail and Peak View Park. We also enjoyed getting to pet all the neighbor horses.

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? You think people are exaggerating when they say, “the wind” but they are not (we had a whole green house AND shed blow away). Rural doesn’t actually mean you can just target practice in your backyard. Animal are always on the lose- dogs, cats, goats, chickens, cows and donkeys. Yes, I have seen all of these in the road at some point. Nothing delivers. Twenty minutes doesn’t seem far until you have to do it more than once a day or someone is coming over. It’s FAR for Flagstaff.

This neighborhood is best for…. families with lots of animals that don’t mind the commute.

-Jessie Luckey

Lower Greenlaw 

How long have you lived there? I have lived in Lower Greenlaw for 4.5 years.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? I love being in a neighborhood. I feel like with all of the development in Flagstaff, there are not many affordable houses anymore. Big lot sizes, modest homes at an “affordable price”. I also love how quiet it is on the eastside. With the development that seems to happen everyday on the westside and Milton, it makes me love the eastside more and more. Bushmaster. Sure Bushmaster is Bushmaster, but the park is awesome. So many ramadas, activities, fun playground equipment, workout equipment, dog park and a nice walking path.

What do you like to do with your kids in your neighborhood?  We go to the park and go for nice walks throughout our neighborhood. Ride our bikes, throw Frisbee, play with other neighborhood kids. I love seeing all the kids playing on the streets in our neighborhood.

If I could change three things about your neighborhood it would they be? I wish neighbors would take care of their property better. Lots of cars and junk in front and backyards. I would also change the negative foot traffic walking through our neighborhood. The Bushmaster “loungers” tend to walk up and down our streets and throw their trash on the street. The last thing I would change is the speeding on Steves Blvd. A lot of folks use it as a bypass from Route 66 to Lockett and they forget that it’s a neighborhood.

This neighborhood is best for…  families that would love affordable housing on a nice size lot, love to go to the park and all the city activities they offer at the park.

-Amee Byers

Mount Elden Foothills

How long have you lived there? I’ve been living here for almost 6 years.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? Mount Elden Foothills is located at the base of Mt. Elden. This subdivision was created in 2005 and is divided into two areas, one with two-story town homes and another with single-family homes. Close to all amenities, some are even walking distance. The neighborhood is close to Bushmaster Park, Starbucks, Flagstaff Mall, The Marketplace, schools, gas stations, and various restaurants/fast food places. In addition, the bus stop and I-40 is a short distance away. Quiet neighborhood. Although it is close by many amenities, the subdivision is tucked away at the base of Mt. Elden. Most of the lots have many mature pine trees, which create a peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Clean neighborhood. Everybody takes pride in their landscaping and the Home Owners Association ensures that everybody follows the rules.

What do you do with your kids in the neighborhood? Mount Elden hiking trail is just behind our house, thus, we enjoy hiking in the summer and we spent most of our time outdoors at Bushmaster Park.

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? Smell from the Nestle-Purina plant, which is located on the eastside of town. A green area/park where kids could play safely. Although Bushmaster is not far, it would be even better if kids living in this small community had a place to play in the summer just a few feet away from their house. It would be a great place for neighbors to meet up also. More opportunities to meet neighbors. Although, I don’t mind that most people keep to themselves, it would be nice to have neighborhood events.

This neighborhood is best for … young professionals with or without children who value living in a neat and quiet environment close to everything but at the same time tucked away surrounded by pine trees.

-Sylvia Bucina


How long have you lived here? My fam has lived here for three years, basically since we moved back to Flagstaff. Side note, my mom lived in Sunnyside when I was an infant/ toddler and one day I crawled into West St., don’t blame my mom, she says that she merely blinked, I was just that fast. 

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? There really is a strong sense of community here, our neighbors and other’s close by are super friendly and willing to help out fellow neighbors.  We can walk to many places – Hal Jensen Rec Center, Buffalo Park, Safeway, Food, 4th St, Mt Elden Little League ball field, the park at Killip School, East Flag Library. Also close drives include Bushmaster park, Wal-mart, The Aquaplex.  Multiple Mountain Line stops.  Bonus: Archuleta ice cream trucks are never very far (pricey, but never far)

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? Mostly we walk to Safeway or the Dollar Store.

If you could change 3 things about your neighborhood, what would they be? Fewer police cars/ flashing lights in the back facing street at 3 AM. This isn’t really a reflection on the neighborhood, but more of a inconvenience. But it looks like a war zone with all the sand bags that have been placed due to the Museum Fire – Sunnyside is in a runoff area and they are there for safety, but it’s still annoying. A better, closer park – Killip is OK, but I’d prefer a dedicated play park (there’s just no where to put one unfortunately)

This neighborhood is best for…. I said it before, but I think it is a phenomenal part of this neighborhood: the sense of community, and neighbors helping neighbors.

-Christina Rankin

Swiss Manor/Upper Greenlaw

How long have you lived there? I have only lived at my current house for less than a year (but I previously lived closeby in Lower Greenlaw.) 

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? Micro climate, Walkability and Sidewalks! (I have never lived anywhere in Flagstaff that had sidewalks until now!) And to add a half reason, we are SO CLOSE to everything! It takes no time at all to go anywhere.

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? We walk to the Pipeline Trail, Bushmaster Park, and the Eastside Library. When they start school they’ll be able to walk or ride their bikes too! 

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? I could do with my neighbors being just a smidge farther away (they’re smokers- and not too pleased about my chickens), and somehow my street is one of a handful in the area that never got natural gas hookups. Being at the foothill of a mountain also means we are susceptible to mice. Otherwise, no complaints, I love it here!

This neighborhood is best for…. families that want to get the most out of living in Flagstaff.

– Jessie Luckey



How long have you lived here? I live in the newest development in Bellemont, We’ve been here since August of 2018.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? A couple of my favorite things about the neighborhood are that there are a lot of families with toddlers and young children. I love the friendly family vibe and how everyone waves to each other on their evening walks. Last but not least we have a book club! It’s so fun to be a part of a neighborhood book club, we all take turns hosting and vote on the books we read. 

What do you like to do with your kids in the neighborhood? There are 3 parks in the hood. The large park has a huge grassy area, swings, duck pond, basketball hoops, and a play structure. The other two are smaller parks one has a play structure and the last has a basketball court and swing set. We love to go on walks and runs and have even enjoyed the trails backing the neighborhood. 

What three things would you change about your neighborhood? The first thing I would change is luckily in the works of changing soon. We will be getting cluster mailboxes sometime this summer! We are all very excited about this development. The only other thing I wish would change is the perception of Bellemont being  “so far.” It takes me 15 minutes to get to the Aquaplex in the morning and only takes 10 minutes to get downtown. 

This neighborhood is best for…  for young families and retirees. We have had one block party and have plans for more celebrations similar to that like an Easter egg hunt and other fun plans. 

-Brit Koch

Boulder Pointe

How long have you lived here? My family consisting of myself, my husband and 3.5 year old son live in Boulder Pointe and we absolutely love it.  We bought our home in 2016 when our son was 4 months old and it’s one of the best decisions we have made.  The neighborhood has a lot of families, kids and older adults and we are lucky to live in a cul-de-sac with a lot of kids around the same age. 

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood and what do you like to do with kids there? There is a Boulder Pointe neighborhood park that was built by the HOA and homeowners in 2011 that includes swings, playground equipment a picnic table and a newly added Little Free Library.  The park is built in what was an HOA-owned lot used as a drainage basin.  It is meant as a “walking” park as there is no parking and provides a sense of community for Boulder Pointe residents.  Every spring the HOA puts on an Ice Cream Social at the park that includes an ice cream truck, balloon artist and train rides.  It’s something we’ve gone to every year and we frequent the park often. Nearby is a connection to the Flagstaff Urban trail where we like to ride our bikes and we have two very close bus stops, both keep us connected to other areas of town and provide a fun and quick way to get where we need to go without driving. 

What three things would you change about your neighborhood? There’s not much to dislike about Boulder Pointe but if I had to pick something, it would be the the traffic from University Avenue can sometimes get fast.  We occasionally hear the train as well as the fire station, both of which are still fun for our son, so it doesn’t both us too much. 

– Kristin Kauffman

Cherry Hill

How long did you live there? My parents brought me home from the hospital as a newborn to the house they still live in on Cherry Hill.  I left home to go live in the dorms at NAU.  So, I lived there for 18 years!

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? Its location.  You can walk anywhere downtown in 10-20 min.  Likewise, you can cut through on Fine St, and drive San Francisco to get up over Cedar Hill in 10 min as well.  It’s sort of smack-dab in the center of the city. It is a quiet neighborhood… peaceful. That said, at least when I was growing up there, everyone still knows everyone.  It has a communal feel to it, and people look out for each other. 

What did you do as a kid there? I can only speak from a child’s perspective about what we did growing up, as I’ve never lived there as a parent.  That said, we rode our bikes all over Cherry Hill all summer long.  We also cut through the forest to get to a great sledding hill over by Fry’s in the winter.  And we walked downtown regularly for a meal, or a parade, or shopping, etc. 

If you could change three things about the neighborhood, what would they be? I have the impression that – as Cherry Hill has aged – so has its population.  A young family just moved in next door to my parents’, and they love it.  So, I suppose I’d hope more young families move in again. Growing up, there were kids everywhere, and I hope Cherry Hill can have that same life cycle all over again.  I’d also imagine many of the homes need updating, as they were built in the 60s and 70s.  Lastly, as is my wish for all of Flagstaff, I’d wish for more diversity, that Cherry Hill could more closely resemble the actual diversity of the world. 

This neighborhood is best for… People who are comfortable with neighbors all around them and who desire a neighborhood community. Home plots aren’t small, but aren’t giant.  Thus, you definitely get to know your neighbors.  It’s also great for people who like to walk, as you can walk so many places from Cherry Hill.  Lastly, it’s great for young families…it’s a wonderful little nook of the world in which to grow up!

-Susan Barnes


How long have you lived there? 4 months. It’s a brand new neighborhood, so houses are still being completed.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? It backs up to the woods going up to the Lowell Observatory Mesa, hiking trails are literally in our backyard, we can bike downtown in about 15 minutes.

Bonus! Close proximity to the train. Good for train-loving kiddos. Pretty easy to get used to the noise.

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? Going for walks around the neighborhood, nature exploration!, there are a couple small parks nearby (one in Crestview, one in Railroad Springs)

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? Construction be finished sooner! Not necessarily change-worthy, but interesting to note… There are quite a few guest homes being built alongside the single family homes. Some are being used as Airbnbs – possibly an advantage for out-of-town family members wanting to stay close by. A stoplight to for left turns onto Route 66!

This neighborhood is best for… Hoping for families, but we’ll see how it evolves as the neighborhood is finished and all of our neighbors start moving in.

–Whitney Donaldson

(Greater) Coconino Estates

How long have you lived there? Four years this summer.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? Accessibility to downtown! Both of our offices and both kids’ schools are within 1.5 miles of home, we do a ton of walking and biking in the summer- from weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market to afternoons enjoying a drink on a downtown patio. It’s about a 20-30 min walk downtown… slower of course if the kids are walking, too. Our actual neighbors are amazing. In addition to neighborhood-wide events like the Luminaria Stroll and a huge turn out for Halloween, we have block parties several times a year and sometimes spontaneous get-togethers- power is out? Let’s hang out in someone’s driveway! Even though we’re close to downtown, we have great access to hiking- the urban trail runs through the neighborhood and we can connect to trails on Observatory Mesa for hiking or snowshoeing.

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? There are several playgrounds we can walk to and we are close to Thorpe Park if we need even more space.  My kids love the Tree Park, too. There is a neighborhood pool that we don’t belong to, but have used as guests with friends in the summer.

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? It’s pretty difficult to find a house here, they are snapped up really quickly. And you definitely pay a premium for what you get to be where we are. It’s not necessarily more expensive than other areas, but the homes are smaller and older. Our house was built in the 1980s, but most in the neighborhood are older (built in the 1950s and 1960s) and have teeny one-car garages and are not… architecturally inspiring. The neighborhood is really stable, but that also means there are not as many families with young kids as some others, although I think that is changing. Where we are has sidewalks, but much of the neighborhood does not. It’s controversial, but I’d like sidewalks for walking with the kids and dogs.

This neighborhood is best for… Families and folks who want to access to downtown and a walkable lifestyle, and don’t mind some older funky houses.



How long did you live in this neighborhood? I lived downtown for 10 years.

What were your three favorite things about living there? I loved how I could walk or ride my bike anywhere. Downtown is connected to the Flagstaff Urban Trail System and lots of other access points that I could get anywhere without a car. I also loved being so close to my social scene as far as happy hours, wonderful local restaurants and boutiques and First Friday Art walk. All the wonderful activities at Wheeler and Thorpe Park were so nice being so close. I loved all the old houses, trees and the sunsets over Mars Hill.

What did you like to do with kids in the neighborhood? At the time I only had one child who was 1 and we walked everywhere. Fresh air was crucial to my existence as a new mom. I was home 90% of the time alone with my little guy.

If you could change three things about the neighborhood, what would they be?  If I could change anything about downtown I would change the affordability and the locals actually owning and living in the neighborhood. So many rentals, students, tourists. I’m supposed to name 2 more but really I wouldn’t have moved if I didn’t have to for financial reasons.

The neighborhood is best for... families that want to ride their bikes/walk EVERYWHERE!!! It so lovely riding/walking after a hard day at work and shaking the day off. Stop at the park, grab a beer, a slice of pizza and ride/walk home. Look at the sunset and smile!!!!

-Amee Byers

Foxglenn/Elk Run

How long have you lived in this neighborhood? Moving to Flagstaff without knowing the area was such a difficult thing to do. We chose a place based on availability, and we hoped for the best. I really couldn’t find much information online about these neighborhoods. We moved into the Foxglenn/Elk Run neighborhood a year ago (2019) and it has been so wonderful for us.

What are your three favorite things about it?  It is far from the main areas of Flagstaff, but still close enough to restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores…a very happy middle area! I come from the city where it is constantly noisy. One of my favorite things about living here is the calm and quietness! It really makes for a good night’s rest. Perfect area for taking a walk. This may seem trivial to some, but for me, it is amazing to be able to have a long stretch of road with minimal traffic. I can go for a walk by myself, with the dog, or with my son! It really is a charming little area (with great views of Mt Elden).

What are you favorite things to do with kids in the neighborhood?  Foxglenn Park is such a neat space for everyone. It has a playground for the kid, fields for sports, a skate park, a beautiful scenic walking trail, and really good hills for snow sledding in the winter.  It’s a short drive from our home, and I have it on good authority that the gas station across the street carries Cinnabon! Perfect for a treat after a long day of playing. Another fun thing to do is definitely the mall! There is a newly built Starbucks in the mall’s shopping area, so one can easily grab an iced coffee and head to the playground located next to the JCPenny inside the mall. Around the corner from the mall is the Harkins Theater where you can enjoy movies, popcorn, and some arcade games. If you’re feeling a little peckish, Toasted Owl is a very cute and cozy American restaurant that has really good in house coffee (and mimosas). The inside is covered in owl decor from local artists. It’s a very fun and family friendly environment with a pet area on the outside patio. There are so many things to do, but these are definitely some of the  things we do most. 

If you could change three things about the neighborhood, what would they be? I would like it if they added more events near the area instead of holding them all downtown, Petty change: traffic from the schools in the morning, I wish they’d plow the roads when it snows! They focus on the main roads, but there is heavy traffic in the morning due to school/work. Our streets matter too! Haha.

This neighborhood is best for… wanting a suburb feel with the convenience of city perks! It really is a central location, and it’s close to schools, a library, medical facilities, coffee shops, entertainment areas, and more! Raising a family here would be ideal. Even if you don’t have a family and are just looking for a quiet place in the city, this would be it.

-Shirley Kiddo

Hospital Hill/NoHo

 How long did you live there? We lived there for just over three years. 

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? Location, quiet, and friendly. 

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? Where we lived was a two block walk to McPherson park which included not only the ice skating rink, but a decent playground, disk golf, and hiking trails that can take you to Buffalo Park and beyond!

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? It’s a bit older of a community, not a whole lot of other kiddos. The hill is no joke, we tried to walk downtown a few times and regretted the walk back up every single time. Also it can be pretty pricey. We rented but when it came time to buy a home it was way out of our price point.

This neighborhood is best for…. Location, location, location. Literally everything in this town is close and easy to get to without necessarily hitting the main drag of Milton or Route 66. I miss that aspect of the neighborhood the most! Plus being right by the hospital means your street is one of the first to get plowed on a heavy snow day.

-Molly Parafiniuk

Kachina Village

How long did you live there? More than 6 years.

What were your three favorite things about your neighborhood? Access to the forest. I could hike or mountain bike basically endlessly out of our backyard. Once my son was born, most of my FMLA leave was spent on long, long walks with him in the carrier, listening to podcasts. Lower cost of living. We bought a home we could afford that was plenty spacious for us and then our kiddo when he joined us. Community. Like everywhere, there are more and more short-term rentals in Kachina- however we had great neighbors and met a lot of cool folks in the neighborhood.

 What did you do with  kids in the neighborhood? Hiking! There is also a great park and playground at the front of the neighborhood.  We loved walks in Pumphouse Wash and also in the Wetlands.

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? Kachina is located about 8 miles south of town.  It’s about a 20 min commute in. And this is part of its charm, you really feel like you’re “away” when you’re there- but over time the distance started to wear on us. The community began as a cluster of vacation homes, so many are kind of wonky with retrofitted insulation and additions. Obviously depends on the home, but ours had things like the washer and dryer in our bedroom, which was not my favorite. I’d love to see public transportation come to Kachina- and sidewalks!  It’s my survey, I can say four things, right?

This neighborhood is best for… People who want great access to the forest and to live in a community but a little outside of the hub bub of town.


(Greater) Ponderosa Trails Area

How long have you lived there? We’ve lived here for one full year, prior to this we live close to Doney Park on the East side.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood?  Sidewalks! Funny, but true. I love the walkability of our neighborhood. We are often out and about riding bikes, walking the dogs, hauling the wagon to the park or exploring the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. It’s not called Ponderosa Trails for nothing 😉 it’s easy to navigate the neighborhood by sidewalks and trails which is perfect for toddlers that need to roam and little kids on bikes with training wheels. Ponderosa Trails Park. In the center of the neighborhood there is a community park located adjacent to Mountain School (Charter). The park has covered picnic tables, swings, a small play structure and a huge grassy field.  The neighborhood is conveniently located to the airport, fairgrounds, NAU and Target! It’s easy to get out and it’s easy to get delivery – my favorite! Meal delivery and grocery delivery are a huge blessing but I can also easily zip to Target or Cafe Rio and back.

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? We walk to the park all the time! It’s probably our favorite family activity. Or we’ll walk to a friends house. The area is very popular with young families so you’ll often run into friends at the park or see them walking their dogs. 

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? HOA. There’s absolutely a need for a homeowners association but it can also be a drag. Fees combined with strict rules can be a downer sometimes.  Community center. Unlike many planned neighborhood communities you might find in other cities, this neighborhood doesn’t have a community recreation center. Nothing like a recreation room or swimming pool. It would be so nice to have a place to gather for parties or take the kids swimming in the summer. Community mail boxes- mail is delivered to a set of boxes. I miss having a personal mail box and getting letters and bills at my front door.

This neighborhood is best for….families that want to be in close proximity to other families. If you’re moving to town and coming from a “family neighborhood” this would be the most similar.

-Daniella Murphy

Presidio in the Pines 

How long have you lived there? We have lived in our home for just over 3 years.  We built it when we moved here and was able to pick out finishes for the home with the builder.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? We enjoy the young-ness of the neighborhood with the growing families, the park down the street with a dog park and basketball court, and location- interstate, Flagstaff Athletic Club and Safeway is less than a mile away.

What do you do with kids in the neighborhood? We usually take the kids to one of the parks in the neighborhood or hang out with our neighbors- usually on Sundays for Sunday Happy Hour.

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? The parking FOR SURE, size of the yard, and having college students as neighbors although ours aren’t bad at all there are some in the neighborhood that are terrible.  My husband would say the HOA- they are super picky and ding you for things that are not for your home (i.e. when cars park in front of your house or when the neighbors weeds are taking over your yard).

– Amanda Filippi

Railroad Springs

How long have you lived there? Almost 2 years.

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? The HOA fees are almost non existent. Lots of kids and young families. There are so many mature pines that I sometimes feel like I LIVE in summer camp!

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? Honestly not a whole lot. We have a park but there is no jungle gym or play structure for young kiddos. There is a great urban trail system running through the middle of the community that can take you all the way to Thorpe and beyond if that’s your thing.

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? All home lots are not created equal, the developers tried to keep as many trees as possible while building, so some neighbors can be right on top of you. Better park. Less students, a good portion of the homes are rented out to college kids which is FINE most of the time, but if you have a young family it can be annoying when you are trying to put them to bed and there is clearly a party next door.

This neighborhood is best for…. I liked how tucked away it feels, but is moments from downtown. If you’re a westsider, this is a great option!

-Molly Parafiniuk

Rio Homes

How long have you lived there? We officially closed on our house in June of 2017, so almost 3 years, but husband lived here for a year in college too. 

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood? We bought our house through the Rio Homes Land Trust program through the city of Flagstaff, so our mortgage is affordable.  Our doorstep is literally steps away from the Arizona Trail/Flagstaff Urban Trail System, so we have lots of trees and even a view of the peaks! Our neighborhood is within 2 miles of downtown, the Sawmill, and both I-40 and I-17, but surprisingly, you can’t really hear the highway or the train and we don’t get very much air traffic either. 

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood?  We enjoy hiking on the AZ Trail and can choose our own adventure between 10-15 minutes or up to 6 miles with or without our stroller, bikes, or dogs. Technically, we could hike to Mexico or Utah (by way of the Grand Canyon) from our house.  The Sawmill and downtown are also walkable from our house and we’ve done a few family walks to downtown brunch and Sawmill dinner. We can also easily walk to NAU for sports events, swimming, or access to campus green spaces. Our neighborhood has it’s own teeny playground and fitness circuit. We’re also within walking distance of Arroyo Park, Willow Bend, Kinsey Elementary, Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff and Sawmill Park. Since there aren’t a lot of kids in our area, we often have the parks to ourselves. 

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? Our neighborhood is 80% rentals, so in an ideal world, we’d fill them all with young families with kids. We have our own parking and it’s permitted, but unless you keep a very tidy garage, parking near your house isn’t guaranteed. We don’t have air conditioning, so in the summers we often sleep with our windows open. Depending on the night, we can hear sirens on the highway and trains on their way out of town. We have all learned to sleep with a sound machine since welcoming our baby into our home. 

This neighborhood is best for…. People who like to bike, hike, or run and have a connection with NAU. It’s also an easy commute due to location near major highways (I-40 and I-17) and local arteries (Butler, Milton, San Francisco, Beaver). 

-Danika Danker

University Heights

How long have you lived there?  Since Feb 2014 so 6 years exactly!

What are your three favorite things about your neighborhood?  How the kids can roam pretty freely around to their friends, DeMiguel, play in the woods, ride the Flagstaff Urban Trail System to the bike park, etc. and the sheer number of them that are here. We have gangs of kiddos!  Neighbors are neighborly. I am friendly (or good friends) with so many people and even if we don’t know each other well, everyone is kind and says hello and is helpful to one another.  Access to the trails, and a quick ride to Lake Mary for kayaking, and various beautiful places to hike. Nothing is too far of a drive or a quick walk out of the neighborhood.

What do you do with your kids in your neighborhood? Ride bikes while I run and sometimes we all ride bikes together, walk the dogs, go the park near DeMiguel and the playground at the school, visit friends and their kids almost always on foot! 

If you could change three things about your neighborhood, what would they be? Eliminate speeding (a lot of college kids live here and it is a legit issue).  Although I love the west side, I hate the campus and tourist traffic we have to often deal with living over here. Less hills. I love them and hate them simultaneously.

This neighborhood is best for… families with kids who enjoy the outdoors and having lots of friends nearby

 – Heather Pierce