Six Shows Starring Strong Women


Six shows that I think that you should be watching that happen to star amazing leading women because you probably don’t have enough of those in your life.



Outlander is an ongoing series based on the very popular book series from the 90’s; I’m a little late to the game. If we are real life friends you might know that this is my current obsession. My husband and I watched the current four seasons in June and two months later, I have now read 5 of the 8 books. Leading heroine Claire is forced to live 200 years in the past and she does a much better job of it than I would have. I don’t think any synopsis does it justice, but it’s very well done and you deserve to watch it (with your partner if you want to have a good time about it). 




I started Victoria on a whim once on a work trip and by the time I got home I was halfway through the first season. I already love Jenna Louise Coleman and she does so well in this role. Everything about the series is lovely, although the writers do of course take some liberties telling Queen Victoria’s story. What they did not take liberties with, apparently, was her relationship with her husband; Queen Victoria had 9 children and still got it done.


Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was Marvel’s only on screen lead until very very recently. Her story is dark and tough, but so is she. That seems cliche, but I really found her to be a refreshing superhero and her season one villain is TERRIFYING! Try it if you like nerd culture or smashing.


Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife stars many amazing female characters that all have their own strengths and challenges. Beginning with Nurse Jenny in season one and developing more into an ensemble cast of women delivering babies in lots of lousy circumstances. I love the history and the realism of every season.


Doctor Who


For the first time in thirteen plus iterations, the Doctor is a woman, so I’m including Jodie Whitaker as the Doctor on this list because I think she is FANTASTIC. If it isn’t apparent from this list I really love period dramas and historical fiction, and the latest season of Doctor Who has not been a disappointment. 

Parks and Recreation

Yesterday my best friend told me he has never seen Parks and Rec, which means there exist other people who have never seen it either. This entry is for those people! Leslie Knope is a boss who gets it done and honestly, every character is a winner. I could talk forever about how amazing this office place comedy is, but instead I’m just going to leave you to TREAT YO SELF! Skip season 1.