How to Pool and Beach With a Baby


Summer is finally here! It felt as though it would never arrive in Flagstaff this year, but it seems as though we are finally in the clear. Time to plant flowers, take a break from school, and bring the babies and kiddos to the pool, or maybe even the beach.

It always amazes me the amount of stuff one little human needs to survive and thrive in the world, especially when it is something outside their daily routine. I’ve put together some tips and tricks to make those pool and beach trips with a baby seamless and enjoyable for all.

Protect That Skin

My little babe has the fairest, most sensitive skin, so I am always on the lookout for ways to protect it. When planning our recent vacation to the beach, I wanted to make sure she was covered (in addition to sunscreen) as much as possible to prevent any flare-ups. Swimsuits and sun hats now come in UPF 50+ material that provides UV protection all day long.  Many swimsuits come in long sleeve options and hats come with an extra piece of fabric to protect the neck. Both are great ways to keep baby covered but still allow baby to enjoy the sunshine.

Bring All The Things

When it comes to a pool or beach outing, make sure you bring anything you think your little one might need. It is much better to be overprepared than to have a fussy baby to put a damper on your trip. Bring snacks, bottles, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, sunscreen, shade (in the form of a tent or umbrella), toys, extra towels, snacks (did I mention snacks yet??). A wagon or a large beach bag are great options to make sure all of these necessities make it from Point A to Point B.

Timing is Key

Babies thrive off routine. Try to plan your pool time or beach time around your little one’s nap schedule. The new environment will wear them out faster so keep that in mind. Their wake window may be shorter with the excitement from the day so plan for naps accordingly. With that being said, babies will also need short intervals in the water at first. If you are going in the pool, keep an eye out for goosebumps or quivering lips. If baby needs a break from the water, towel off, have a snack, and go back in after a while (apply more sunscreen before going back in!!). If you are at the beach, baby may need to go from the sand to the water to stay entertained and out of trouble. Keep an eye on that sand as baby will most likely be very interested in this new “toy” and will most likely see how it tastes.

Have A New Perspective

This will no longer be your two-hour tanning session by the pool. For now, those days are long gone. Instead, these are the days of seeing the eyes through your baby as she learns about the magic of summer. Take her in a pool float, play in the sand with her, enjoy those wet cuddles as she drinks her bottle. Soak it in mama because if you blink, these moments will be long gone and your baby will be the one going to the pool for a tanning session with her friends.