Back to School Essentials: For Mom


Because Mom needs a little something too πŸ™‚

Sweater: Not quite dressed for the day? This is a perfect “almost” dressed look for carpool. 

Pop Socket: If you haven’t joined the craze, now it the time! Your texting will never be the same.

Instant Pot: The hype is real and making school-night dinners will be so much easier. 

Hand Sanitizer: Back to school means GERMS. This is our favorite sanitizer. 

Hair Tie: The best hair ties! Seriously. Mom Bun, here you come. 

Candle: Smells fresh and calm. Just like your house will feel after kids are back to school! 

Travel Coffee Mug: Because, early morning drop-off. 

Elderberry: Take that germs! Everyone in our family loves these. 

Coffee Maker: Sometimes you only have time for one cup. 

Chapstick: The best. You’re welcome. 

Sneakers: Slip on and roll out the door. Gold, because why not!?