Sienna Bransky

Sienna Bransky
Sienna is a born and raised Flagstaff local and mama of two. She graduated from NAU with an BA in environmental studies. She has been a special education teacher, river guide, and circus performer. When not chasing kids around the mountains she like to be huddled in coffee shops with good books or a creative writing project. Her fiction publications can be found in Waxwing and The Tunnels.

How to Enjoy a Snow Weekend in Flagstaff

Dress for Snow and Ice: I once saw a woman walking around snowy downtown in snow pants and stilettos. I'm all for fashion as a means of self-expression, but if you aren't wearing practical shoes...
dress your baby

How to Dress your Baby for Winter Snow

If you're new to Flagstaff, or new to babies, you might be feeling a little apprehensive about snow. After a few years of trial and error, I feel confident that I've found a pretty...

Toddler-Approved Farmers Market Recipes

Our community farmers market runs every Sunday, 8-12 until late October and it is BOUNTIFUL. If you go, you will likely spend more time than you planned because you will run into other locals...

Leave No Trace for Families

There are now plenty of accounts and collaboratives on the internet promoting outdoor adventure and hiking with kids. The Instagram algorithm really seems to favor folks posing in front of epic landscapes. on the...

Make Room for Stay at Home Dads

The number of dads who stay home with their children has doubled since 1989. While mothers still make up the majority of stay-at-home-parents, an increasing number of fathers are joining the ranks. However, the...
stay at home

Surviving River Season As The One Who Stays Home

Six years ago, if someone had told me that I would be spending my summers as a stay at home mom while my husband got to raft the Colorado River through Grand Canyon I...
staying at home

How to Enjoy Staying at Home with Your Kids

I grew up thinking that staying at home as a mom lacked ambition. I thought those women didn't contribute, were lazy. This wasn't because of anything anyone in my family taught me. More likely...
fitness resolutions

Making Your Fitness Resolution Stick

For most of my life, I'd say I didn't actually know what exercise was. My parents told me it was important, but I didn't really know what it looked like, how to start, or...

Gift Guide for Book-Lovers

While minimalism may be trending this holiday season, and many folks are advocating for giving experiences instead of things, I'm here to make the argument that a good book is a whole experience. Here...

How to Welcome Dietary Restrictions at your Holiday Feast

Holidays as a lifelong vegetarian I was eight when I became a vegetarian. I did it mostly because I was a picky little kid and I didn't like meat. But I also loved animals, and...

Periods Aren’t Gross: Why We Should End Menstruation Stigma

As if periods weren't already hard enough to deal with, we are taught they are disgusting. We are told that we must keep them secret from our male siblings, parents, peers and husbands. Mainstream...

Your Kids Deserve to Be Bored

Modern parents are under a lot of pressure. We feel the need to ensure our kids' success, to enroll them in the right activities, to throw pintrest-worthy birthday parties, provide homemade organic baby purees,...

Outdoor Essentials for Adventure Moms

Even as an experienced adventurer getting outdoors with a new baby was intimidating. How do you keep a baby warm in the winter, or cool in the summer? How do you carry a baby...