Outdoor Essentials for Adventure Moms


Even as an experienced adventurer getting outdoors with a new baby was intimidating. How do you keep a baby warm in the winter, or cool in the summer? How do you carry a baby and a backpack? My oldest is now three, my youngest is seven months and I’ve carried both of them all over northern Arizona. I’ve tried all the gear; these are my outdoor essentials.

For mama

Stochenwiege wool woven wrap: I’ve tried Moby wraps, ring slings, backpack carriers, soft structure carriers, everything. And this is by far my favorite for hiking. Woven wraps are so versatile, with all the different ways to tie one you can nurse while you hike, wear baby on your front or back or adjust the shoulder straps when you get tired of the weight distribution. And you can continue to wear your kiddos as they grow too! Wool is surprisingly breathable, and compared to a synthetic stretchy wrap it actually stays cooler and more comfortable. A wrap on the front and a backpack on the back is the easiest way to carry baby+gear.


Kuhl brand skinny pants: These pants fit through both my pregnancies and everything in between and after. They are perfect for hiking, climbing, and crawling around with babies. Durable, quick drying, stretchy and the best part: they have deep pockets!

Kodiak boots: these boots are cute, comfortable, durable and waterproof. I’ve worn them to run around the park, go on a date, hike up a mountain and they still look new. They have kept my feet dry even chasing my toddler through post-snowmagedon mud puddles.

For baby

Wool pants: Most baby pants ride up when you put them in a carrier and expose their little legs to the elements. These yookiwool pants have cuffs that stay in place and keep baby warm even when they are wet. I have cloth diapers and use them as a diaper cover over a prefold, too.

Water resistant snowsuit: We scored a Patagonia brand snowsuit at a yard sale. I could never pay full price for patagucci but this snowsuit has been awesome and I would definitely recommend it for winter adventures.

Adjustable sun hat: These hats are lightweight, packable and super adjustable. I make my daughter wear a hat anytime she goes outside.

Do you like to get outside with your kids? What are your outdoor essentials?


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