Christina Rankin

Christina Rankin was born and raised in Flagstaff, but her family had a 10 year adventure in central PA. Wife to a wonderful husband, together they have four children, three daughters and one son. She has rheumatoid arthritis, but is determined to not let the RA have her. Christina is active in her church and community with a heart for kids. Christina graduated from NAU in 2002 with a degree in Elementary Ed and has worked with kids at a daycare in Pennsylvania. When the fair comes around, you can find her in the Home Ec building as the superintendent and during the Christmas season she is an elf at the North Pole, in her free time she is an avid crocheter, likes hiking, and loves spending time with her family.

What I’ve Learned As a Mom with a Chronic Illness

“You have Rheumatoid Arthritis.” Those are the words I heard after months of pain in my knees, and looking back in my hands and wrists. I had to really look it up – apparently...
school rivalry

Bringing School Rivalry Home: Why I Might Go Crazy

My husband and I must be certifiably nuts! Our two oldest daughters are 20 months apart in age. I knew when they were babies that they would be two years apart in school and be...
winter driving

Winter Driving Tips for You… and my Teen

Teens and winter driving.....   I have a teen of THAT age; you know... 15 ½... the magic age in AZ where you can get a permit to drive. She enjoyed herself and was doing...

A Letter to my Baby on what would have been Her Due Date

October! Fall, leaves changing, cooler temps, football, Halloween; and a few very important awareness 'causes.' Everyone knows about Breast Cancer Awareness, but did you know there are 96 other 'national' months?! (according to National Day...

Thoughts… of being in 2nd grade all over again with my child

Like so many other districts around the country, our district has started the year with classes on zoom. I have 4 kids doing this! FOUR! We are toughing it out at home because I...

So the Fair is “Modified,” now what?

Labor day in Flagstaff means the Coconino County Fair Or at least until this year... ya know, COVID and all. Per the latest press release, “Coconino County Parks and Recreation is modifying the 71st Coconino...

Mentoring Changed Me

I had the unique privilege of being a mentor recently. I didn't really know what I was signing up for when the process began. A meeting in one of our church's children's classrooms. The meeting...

Meet the Contributer: Christina

To Start... Family: Husband: Steve, we've been married since 2000 & four children: Faith, Megan, Holly and Gabriel. We can't forget the kids in heaven though: one miscarriage at 15 weeks, we named her Corine;...