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To Start…

Family: Husband: Steve, we’ve been married since 2000 & four children: Faith, Megan, Holly and Gabriel. We can’t forget the kids in heaven though: one miscarriage at 15 weeks, we named her Corine; and one at 6 weeks.

Job: Superintendent for Home Ec at the fair (looking for another Home Ec Superintendent to work with me), AND elf at the North Pole (NPX).

Kids’ Age Difference: 20 months, 4 years, 3 years.

What brought you to Flagstaff: Born here! Our family moved back three years ago after a 10 year “adventure” in PA.

Some Favorites: 

Early Bird or Night Owl: mostly a night owl, or as the meme states a “permanently exhausted pigeon.”

Hobbies: Crocheting, easy hikes, “board” games with the family.

Favorite thing to do with your Family: at home movie night.

Coffee or Tea: Tea, unless that coffee is mixed with hot cocoa.

Favorite/Least Favorite Household chore:

Fav chore: putting dishes away; Least fav chore: laundry or dishes – neither EVER end, especially when one does not have an automatic dishwasher.

Favorite Thing to do in Flagstaff with/without kids:

Fave thing with kids: The Aquaplex.

Fav thing without kids: Mom’s night out, without getting flack from the family about going.

Some other things

Going back in time, one thing you would tell yourself right before you became a mother: Parenthood is not a competition and NO ONE really knows what they are doing. Rely on your friends and family for help. Cherish the time you have with loved ones, you never know how long you have left with them.

Something you are looking forward to: Through the NPX, going down to the children’s hospital in Phoenix to give gifts from Santa to the kids there.

Best Mom Hack: having the sensory processing kid put ‘tomorrows’ clothes on for bed, so he didn’t have to change in the morning.

The greatest challenge you’ve faced: Having Rheumatoid Arthritis – my immune system is overactive and attacks my joints, it sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE.

Something you love about yourself: I love that I can take to crafts easily and learn quickly. I taught myself to crochet, and now sell my creations (Need anything for Christmas or a Birthday? This is my order form!)

Favorite thing about being a Mom: When I get spontaneous hugs, or am called a fun mom, cause most days I don’t feel too fun.

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Christina Rankin
Christina Rankin was born and raised in Flagstaff, but her family had a 10 year adventure in central PA. Wife to a wonderful husband, together they have four children, three daughters and one son. She has rheumatoid arthritis, but is determined to not let the RA have her. Christina is active in her church and community with a heart for kids. Christina graduated from NAU in 2002 with a degree in Elementary Ed and has worked with kids at a daycare in Pennsylvania. When the fair comes around, you can find her in the Home Ec building as the superintendent and during the Christmas season she is an elf at the North Pole, in her free time she is an avid crocheter, likes hiking, and loves spending time with her family.