Jill Anderson

Jill is the mother of five high school and college-age daughters and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 27 years. A full-time working mother and pastor's wife, Jill enjoys teaching Bible study, playing pickle ball and trying new restaurants as well as serving women as a cabi stylist. Her family moved to Flagstaff from Chicagoland.

What Falling Leaves are Teaching Me

My husband and I took a day off to hike in the mountains the other day. The air was crisp and cool. The bright golden leaves of the aspen trees had mostly fallen, creating...

I’m Not Sure… Some Sort of Psychosis: Our Experience with PANDAS

I keep putting off writing this story. It's hard to think about it even 6 years later. But I want to write it to help moms with really sick kids know they aren't alone...

The Time I Planned My Own Birthday Celebration

Last year about this time, I was dreading a "significant" birthday. Somehow turning 50 seemed really old, like I would never be a cool young mom again. Forget cool. I would never be a...

This Might Hurt a Little: Parenting and Natural Consequences

I was a teacher in another chapter of life, a high school teacher, and I loved it. I get sentimental around this time of year, and then I remember. . . it was a...

A Case for Chores: Kids Can Do Their Own Laundry

My husband and I have five daughters, and we have done chores 100 different ways in almost 20 years of parenting. Sticker charts, rotations, weekly chores, monthly chores, allowance, no allowance. But regardless of...

Local Eats Get My Vote Every Time

One of my favorite things to do when I visit (or move to) a new town is to find out where the locals eat. To be fair, I'm no professional food critic, just a...

I want to tell you it gets easier

I guess because my girls are now in high school and college, other moms come to me, almost out of breath, pleading with me, "Tell me it gets easier." If we are face to...

It’s a different senior year–4 things they still need to learn

My fourth daughter is a senior in high school this year. It's different this time around, for sure. She picked up her schedule in a face mask. She doesn't need to pray for a coveted...

30-Day Challenge: Marriage Edition

I found myself dying for a date night with my husband this week. That may not seem odd unless you've been living under "stay at home" orders for the past few weeks with A...

3 Life Lessons I’m Learning from my New Workout

I don't have before and after photos to show, but big change is happening in the way I am thinking about my body, my reason for exercise, and to be honest, my life, these...

Keep Your Family Guessing Until Christmas Morning

Holiday gift-giving with five kids is one crazy challenge for this momma. Don't get me wrong. I love celebrating Christmas. I love shopping and I love giving gifts to my family, so this season...

Keep It Simple Christmas Recipes

The last few days leading up to Christmas can be so busy with last minute shopping, relatives arriving, and the usual festivities, I'm thankful for a few simple holiday recipes that my family looks...

Going Back to Work? How to Land the Job You Never Knew You Wanted

I spent most of the afternoon today making calls to men and women who had submitted applications or resumes to my company online. Some of them impressed me. Others not as much. If you're...