Heather Herrick

Heather moved to Flagstaff AZ with her family in March 2012. Moving across the country from NC was definitely an adventure with five kids in tow, but totally worth it. Heather is a business entrepreneur, having recently launched a local aromatherapy-focused cleaning company. She is also a freelance writer, published author, and doula with a special interest in helping postpartum moms through those tricky first few weeks. Some of her favorite fun things include hiking with her kids and dog Boo Radley, M&M's of all flavors, dark beer, and pizza. Most of all, Heather is passionate about setting an example for her kids on how to live with courage and commitment to a life that is rich with joy and love.

Teen Me Please!

Where have all the children gone....? The babies. The toddlers. The kids under 10. Those kids. My kids. Moms, if your babies are growing up, and aren't little anymore, as in they won't fit...

My Child has an Addiction

I am the mom to a child who has an addiction.   The struggle is very real.   The addiction?   Technology.   The age of my son?   9.   Am I alone? I don’t think so. The battle is becoming an everyday scenario. And...

By the Way, Kids. Mom is Gay.

Coming out to your children when parenting is already well under way. 13. 10. 8. 5. 1 These were the ages of my five children when I came out as a lesbian 8 years ago. That's...