The Family that Skis Together


I grew up skiing. It was something I did with my dad in the winters, hitting hills across the Midwest. I have clear and happy memories of chatting on the chairlift with my dad, learning how to carry hot chocolate without spilling it while wearing ski boots from my cousins, and the incomparable feeling of the wind in my face as I tore down a hill.

I took a decade-long break from skiing, however, between high school and moving to Flagstaff. The first time I hit Arizona Snowbowl after moving here, I was anxious- would I still even know how to do it?

It turns out, skiing is like riding a bike. But usually colder… And on an incline… I’ve still got it!

Over the years we’ve lived here, I have slowly eased back into skiing, taking some short breaks again around the pregnancies and births of my two kids. Over these years, I’ve squeezed in solo days on the mountain, which are invigorating physical check-ins with that incomparable feeling and connection to something I loved doing long before I was a mom.

The fact that skiing turned out to be such a lifelong hobby for me has made me committed to making sure my kids learn how to ski, too. Luckily, Snowbowl makes it really accessible to get the kids up on the slopes along with their families.

First, of all, all kids 10 and under ski for FREE with a Power Kids season pass. Easy, done. This FREE pass is valid every day of the 2019-2020 ski season at Snowbowl as well as Purgatory  and 4 other resorts throughout Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Did I mention it is FREE for kids to ski??

Photo Credit: Jessica Beath

Second, for the grown-ups, this Friday, April 26 is the last day to buy a 2019-2020 season pass at the lowest price of the year. This season Snowbowl is skiing into May…. which makes a long season for the season pass. Even better, they offer a zero-interest payment plan on season passes. 

In our family, I’ve found success with activities has a lot to do with how chill I am able to be about them. And honestly how chill I can be, often correlates to the price point – so getting the kids started for FREE and myself back out there regularly with a cheap season pass makes it so much more likely I’ll be able to keep my chill. Short day because someone is cranky? No problem, we can be home in less than half an hour.

Snowbowl offers lessons for kids ages 4 and up (as well as for adults) so I think it will be a really easy way to get my kiddos started in their skiing career. I am so excited to pass on this family tradition to my next generation – and to squeeze in some more solo mom days.

Photo Credit: Jessica Beath
This post was created in partnership with AZ Snowbowl. All opinions are our own.