Living in a College Town


Many cities that we are all from have a college or university in them. Some of us attended the community college or local university and some of us haven’t set foot on that campus.

I know from a mom perspective it’s easy to hate on living in a college town.

The traffic, the crazy drivers, the lost parents, Target gets too busy in August (hello, move-in weekend) and all the restaurants are full in May (Graduation). But I am here to encourage you to involve yourself in our local university NAU – and not just with the babysitters!

I myself attended NAU back in ’03 (yeah do the math, I am old). NAU is what brought me to Flagstaff and I have always loved the relationship Flagstaff has with NAU.

NAU provides so so so much to our tiny mountain town and vice versa. Many of the local companies offer discounts to the students and the students bring economic growth, internships and community development to Flagstaff. For example, Gore; (The American multinational manufacturing company specializing in products derived from fluoropolymers. Has two offices in town) offers internships to NAU students in addition to being one of the largest employers in town.

NAU is such a fun campus to walk, enjoy their restaurants, and really soak up the student’s energy! If you went to college remember your first semester? The fear, excitement, nervousness, and utter joy that you were the one in charge of your entire day?!!? I inspire you to take the kiddo(s) and walk around campus. Check out that young millennial energy. They are all biking and walking around campus, lost in their phones and trying to find themselves and their place in this world. What a fun time in life and we are just seconds away from it (behind Target Y’all).

North campus is my favorite part to walk. The old brick buildings, the grassy hills, the feel of history just behind the Drury Inn. South campus is awesome too. A combination of newer green award-winning buildings and some stuck in the 70’s that have no funding to replace yet. The Middle campus has a few cemeteries dropped in here and there.

Truly all of it is awesome and I hope you all take some time in the next few weeks to check it out.

Post back and let me know what you thought! If anything it’s a great new place to visit with a little one.

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Kendra Franchi
Kendra Franchi is an Arizona Native, born and raised in Tucson. She moved to Flagstaff at 17 to attend NAU and decided instantly Flagstaff was her forever home. She completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, criminal justice and Spanish. With the support of her husband she continued on to obtain two graduate degrees in counseling and psychology. She went into private practice specializing in clinical health diagnoses as well as developmental disabilities and delays in adults and children. Kendra was an avid blogger for the community with Gluten Intolerance when she was originally diagnosed with Celiac. As life happens, many things changed when she had her (now) two year old son Oliver. She currently stays home and works as a licensed mortgage officer so she can raise/play and explore life with her little guy! You’ll see her around town, maybe reading some books to kiddos at a local story time and trying every new restaurant that opens. She is excited to get back into blogging and share with you new things to explore and love about our tiny town.