4 Great Services for Crunchy Flagstaff Mamas


It is so exciting when you find new places that align with your family’s beliefs and values.

Here are four local businesses my family has patronized to fit our needs:

Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center

I could write a book about the positive experiences I have had with these wonderful midwives. Instead, I’ll just say a few words. I have had two scares over two pregnancies and a midwife was there immediately to make sure baby and I were okay, and to talk me down from my panic. Everyone in the clinic knows who you are. They are respectful of all parenting, pregnancy, sex and health-related choices you make. They not only offer baby mama care but also well woman’s care. In the upstairs loft there are classes as well as massage and acupuncture services. This clinic is for every woman.

Easy Does It Diaper Service

If you are interested in cloth diapering but don’t know where to start, you need to call Marti. Not only will she come to your house and do a free demonstration but she will give you a free week of service for letting her come to your house! Marti brings you all the cloth diapers you will need for a week and then next week will pick up all the dirty ones and bring you a fresh supply! We really enjoyed having Easy Does It when our daughter was first born. Although we had all the cloth diapers we could need, cleaning them was one less thing we had to worry about! Even better, the service was gifted to us as a baby shower gift!

Stuck Community Acupuncture

What I appreciate about Stuck is that it is quick, easy and affordable – my favorite things! Make your appointment by phone or online, walk into the clinic and discreetly pay using their envelope system. If a space is free, walk into their twinkle-light lit room and sit in the big comfy chairs while you wait for Stephani to come to you. The space is wonderfully relaxing and the staff is more than happy to walk you through your first time with them.

Wild Child Clothing Co.

Nothing says crunchy mama like recycled clothing. Your little ones grow out of things so quickly why wouldn’t you like here first for items you might need. It isn’t great for specifics, but I have gotten pretty lucky with all kinds of winter wear and even a big sister onesie. The owners are kind and usually remember your face. I really can’t go into this store without spending $30 of I-didn’t-come-here-for-this. They even take your gently used items for cash or trade-in how is that for full circle!

What crunchy businesses are you a fan of? Share in the comments!




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