Modern Gents Trading Co. Review: Affordable and Fashionable!


Before having kids, I had visions of getting custom birthstone rings after each birth, anniversary bands and jewelry for every special occasion.  But the reality is that once children arrive money is allocated to so many different savings accounts and new bills, that purchasing expensive jewelry is not always in the cards. 

That’s where the jewelry company, Modern Gents Trading Co. comes in.  Their philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to have meaningful jewelry.  Modern Gents Trading Co focus on making high-quality rings which include materials such as 925 Sterling Silver, Tungsten Carbide, and man-made simulated stones.  This makes their jewelry not only affordable,but also conflict free.  And let me tell you, do not let the simulated stones fool you, my rings shine and sparkle like crazy! 

With Modern Gents Trading Co. making their rings so affordable, I can now purchase rings for travel, working out, or just as a variety for a special night out.  In an effort to reclaim my original desire to have sentimental rings for each of my children, I opted for the The Promise in both Rose Gold and Silver.  I wear them stacked together and their delicate design makes them perfect for everyday wear. Another benefit of 925 Sterling Silver?  The rings do not turn your fingers green, as with some other lower quality materials.  I wish I had known about Modern Gents Trading Co while I was pregnant and had such swollen fingers that none of my rings fit! 

Ordering was also super easy.  They have sizes 4-13 with many half sizes available as well.  I was lucky to know my ring size, but if you do not they suggest going to a local store and getting sized. You can also search online for printable paper rulers to wrap around and measure yourself. 

I am glad that I was introduced to Modern Gents Trading Co; the designs paired with ease and affordability will have me coming back for more!  Want to see for yourself?  Head over to our Facebook page and see how you can win a Modern Gents Trading Co ring for yourself!