Gaterol Retractable Gate [ Review ]

*This post is in partnership with Gaterol. All experiences and opinions are my own. 

When my husband and I made the move to Flagstaff, we were excited to find the perfect house to raise our two small children in. We ended up falling in love with a house that had a split floor plan and loft that would be ideal as my son’s room.

As we walked through the house the stairs left me with anxiety; we would be moving into this house with a toddler and baby, neither of whom knew how to navigate stairs

As soon as we moved in, the first thing we looked into were safety gates. There were many options to choose from, but I preferred the functionality and aesthetics of retractable gates. If you have not seen a retractable gate before, the concept is simple; the gate is made out of a mesh material that retracts when you want to pass through. By having this, you avoid a clunky gate that often gets in the way when opened. 

Through a basic web search, I found the company Gaterol which makes, The Gaterol Active Pro and Active Lite; both of which have amazing safety features.

Features Include:

  • Tiny fingers cannot be jammed or pinched since the gate is a retractable mesh.
  • There are no bars for your child to climb on or over, bump their heads on or trip over.
  • The gate is bolted on the wall rather than using a clamping system which can come loose over time.  

When the gate arrived, I was impressed with the easy to install set up. All mounting hardware, as well as a drill pattern, was provided with the gate. And the best part? Two sets of brackets are included so you can move the gate to another location in your house! This means you can have one gate for two separate areas. From start to finish it took my husband 15 minutes to install. When I asked his feedback, he stated that the installation was extremely user-friendly.  

Did It Earn My Stamp of Approval? 

We have had the gate installed for approximately two months and here are my observations: the gate is made out of quality material. My toddler thinks it is fun to hang on everything, and the mesh gate has not shown any signs of becoming loose or buckling. Second, there is a feature where you can open the gate silently; no clunking that sometimes comes with other gates.

Here’s the amazing thing though, if you open the gate without holding down the button simultaneously it makes a retracting sound. Gaterol added this safety feature so you can hear the gate being opened by someone other than you, like an older sibling.  Next, my toddler has not figured out how to open the gate. The gate blocks the entrance to a very tall staircase, which I do not want my baby crawling up. I have no concerns that he will open it when I am not looking. Lastly, when the gate is retracted you cannot see it at all! The closed gate is approximately one inch wide, making it nearly invisible if you do not want it to be seen.

Our gate is used (and sometimes abused) daily, and I do not have any concerns for my children’s safety. The gate is easy for adults to use, but also safe enough for little hands not to figure out. Overall I am extremely happy with the Gaterol Active Lite Retractable Gate and am glad to have it in our house!