Pregnancy Isolation and Boredom


Hey all! Happy New Year! Hope you all are meeting and exceeding this years’ goals already. One of mine is to get out of this funk. Baby boy is due in April and while I am so thrilled beyond belief to have a healthy BIG boy growing and growing, I am also in a slump.

You all know what I mean, the pregnancy gloominess. One can really get wrapped up into the melancholy and boredom of pregnancy. Your body is changing daily, you are lugging around an extra 15-30 pounds, it hurts to bend over, you can’t put on pants or shoes, hemorrhoids, and heartburn, nothing tastes good, nothing sounds fun, showering involves cleaning the top half REALLY well and the bottom half…well, you hope you don’t miss any spots. All your friends are hanging out and doing regular life things and you can barely get up to pee for the 4th time that night. It’s such a strange time in life really.

Of course, it’s amazing and a blessing and humbles you to relish in the incredible strength you have to develop a life that will become an individual and hopefully better the world.

But man, it’s HARD and stressful and scary!

You question everything; am I eating the right food, should I be working out every day, does the baby have enough water, enough space, is the umbilical cord too long and it’s going to hurt the baby, what if the kicks aren’t very strong, is something wrong, etc.

The constant uncertainty and you are super hard on yourself. It’s a time of great balance between “this is phenomenal and this is awful”. And we aren’t supposed to talk about it or say it’s hard. We are women! We are supposed to love every second and never complain. But wow, it’s a crazy 10 months.  

My goal for this year: focus on the positive and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones!


  • Negative thought: I cannot see my feet, I am a huge whale.
  • Positive thought replacer: this baby is going to be big and healthy and big babies are awesome!

What are your Postive Thought Replacers?

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Kendra Franchi
Kendra Franchi is an Arizona Native, born and raised in Tucson. She moved to Flagstaff at 17 to attend NAU and decided instantly Flagstaff was her forever home. She completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, criminal justice and Spanish. With the support of her husband she continued on to obtain two graduate degrees in counseling and psychology. She went into private practice specializing in clinical health diagnoses as well as developmental disabilities and delays in adults and children. Kendra was an avid blogger for the community with Gluten Intolerance when she was originally diagnosed with Celiac. As life happens, many things changed when she had her (now) two year old son Oliver. She currently stays home and works as a licensed mortgage officer so she can raise/play and explore life with her little guy! You’ll see her around town, maybe reading some books to kiddos at a local story time and trying every new restaurant that opens. She is excited to get back into blogging and share with you new things to explore and love about our tiny town.