Making Space Between Babies: A Minimalist Mama Guide


Minimalism can be tricky when it comes to young families.

Before you have kids, you might say you want 4, but after 2 you decide you’re done, and then maybe after a year you say, ok, how about three? I don’t like a lot of things in my house and I find storage for the sake of storage or “just in case”, not my style. A happy rule in minimalism is the 20:20 rule. Chuck anything you are not using that, should you find you suddenly need it, you could replace in less than twenty minutes and for less than $20. Between babies, I try to apply the same principals, except that I have a million trimesters to get them, instead of twenty minutes and a whole community that is willing to let me borrow what I need for free.

Here’s what I decided not to keep:

Maternity Swim Suit

I was graciously gifted a maternity swimsuit in my pregnancy that I wore exactly 2 times. Why should I deny the world my beautiful whale-shaped goddess body?

Baby #2, about to swallow Baby #1

Maternity clothes

In my second pregnancy, two women randomly brought me all their maternity clothes (that they were holding on to for “just in case”). Although I wore the same dress during labor as my first, and a few repeat favorites, it was nice to have different options.

Breast pump

Our beautiful local lactation consultant, Maya Radoccia-Kennen, informed me that breast pumps are only made to last a year (did you know that!?). I found that out after I asked her if she thought my 7-year-old pump could go for another baby. PS: Many pump companies have recycling programs!

Clothing and blankets

If your first baby didn’t use all 15 of the homemade blankets you were given at your baby shower, will your second baby (they will not). Go through your bins, keep what you loved. You will never be at a shortage of baby clothes- I promise!

Baby holding apparatuses

Check the expiration of your infant car seat; will that last for another maybe baby? How far will large baby bouncers/swings/saucers/bassinets break down for you to be willing to store them? How many of your friends have kids of similar enough ages that you can just borrow or lend out your stuff to keep it from being stored?

I borrowed this bouncer for both my kids

Toys/Well worn Books

Babies don’t need toys, they probably didn’t even play with it the first time. Baby books are easy to replace and easily given as gifts. Don’t hold onto something your toddler mostly destroyed.

Anything you did not love the first time

If you didn’t love it for your last baby, you probably won’t love it for your second baby. Getting rid of an ill-fitting carrier will be good motivation to getting one you love next time around.


My overall advice when it comes to space-saving is to keep what you love. For myself, this would include my woven ring sling, cloth diapers, my favorite infant clothing, nursing bras, and pads, and random baby swim safety gear.


What items are your must keeps?