10 Reasons Why We are Waiting to Start Kindergarten


As parents, we often are faced with life-altering decisions to make for our children. Our latest query was whether or not to send our oldest to kindergarten next fall. She is a summer baby, born at the end of July. So, she will turn five a week before school starts next school year. Although she is extremely social, loves preschool, and will probably be academically prepared, we are going to wait until she is six.

Let me share with you why:

1. It gives her another year of her childhood

“They grow up so fast.”  We’ve all heard it a million times, so why not let her have just one more year of being a kid?

2. Our school district only offers full-day kindergarten

I am all for public school but in our area, that means all-day kindergarten. She still takes a two-hour nap every day! I know, I’m very lucky!

3. She will drive first

Although it’s a long way away, she will be one of the first ones in her class to drive. I would much rather her be behind the wheel than the passenger. I don’t think she’ll be complaining when the time comes either.

4. To keep her close to her sister

My two girls are only 19 months apart and are together 90% percent of the time. It’s the only reality they’ve ever known. By holding her back a year she will have the best of both worlds. Gaining some space and independence, while there still remains a chance her and her little shadow will be having similar life experiences. My hope is that they always have each other to confide in and lean on.

5. Because Begindergarten

Our amazing preschool offers a begindergarten for children who are in the exact same position we are in. It is designed to help transition kids from Preschool to Kindergarten by setting a more academic environment.  She will just be across the hall from the preschool class she is in now, making it easy for me!

6. Positive vibes only

If she is a child that requires a little extra attention in the classroom, then being older will only benefit her. If she’s not and needs to be pushed ahead a grade then it will be seen as a positive thing instead of possibly being held back.

7. Vacationing

Offseason vacationing isn’t something that we take advantage of often but I’m sure it will be missed once our girls start grade school.

8. Socializing is our focus

Although we are very active in our local playgroup, as a stay-at-home mom our little girl was rarely left under someone else’s supervision. Our goal when we decided to start her in preschool was to give her an environment to learn to interact with other kids and take direction from other adults.

9. Many people agree

We’ve discussed our thoughts with almost anyone who will listen and the general belief is it’s better to wait. From parents to wished they would have waited another year for their child to start kindergarten, to her teacher who acknowledges that the older kids have an easier time with following instructions and being patient in the classroom.

10. I’m just not ready

As selfish as it may sound; I have to admit that I’m just not ready to let her go. I’ve hardly spent a few days away from her in her whole life and I can’t believe that in just a short time she will be off at school more hours in a day than home with me.

Every child is different and in our case, we feel we are making the right decision to wait until our little girl turns six to start kindergarten.

Does your little one have a summer birthday? What are your thoughts on what age kids show start kindergarten?