A Short Rant About the Color Pink


When it comes time for some sort of gift giving day, I know my family and friends shutter when shopping for my daughter. They say, “I tried not to pick out too many pink things.” And I appreciate it. I do my best to avoid pink as much as possible. The thing is, I actually do like the color pink. I like most colors, aside from the standard baby-poop brown my cabinets came in.

Think of it this way; my favorite color is yellow. But the thing is, not every piece of clothing I own is yellow. I have very few items in my closet that are yellow. I very rarely wear yellow.

So why is it my daughter, who has no favorite color, because she is a baby, has so few clothing items that are not pink?

I really try hard not to buy her clothing that is a majority pink or any pink – which is nearly impossible. Yesterday, I opened up a new pack of socks for my ever-growing baby and every single pair was pink. Plain socks? Add a single pink heart on the side. Blue onesie? Add a pink bow on top. Pack of hair bows – 3 out of 6 are different shades of pink.

We have no opportunity to forget our child’s gender. Some shopping trips, I just go into the boys’ section to find her pajamas and pants. Then pink isn’t even an option for another backward sexist reason.

And it’s fine, if, when my daughter is choosing her own clothes she wants to wear pink. It’s fine if she decides that pink is her favorite color. But right now, my husband and I choose her clothes. And If I don’t feel the need to put on yellow panties, and yellow ruffle pants to match my yellow hair bow and sunshine patterned t-shirt then why should I expect that of her?

Listen, it really isn’t anything against the color pink. Like I said, I do like pink as a color. We’re on friendly terms. But if the only color options for my child are various shades of the same hue, I do my best to avoid.

How do you feel about the color pink?