Keep Your Pants On: Potty Training Tales


“Keep your pants on!”

That is definitely not a phrase I thought I would be repeating over and over throughout the day! In case you are wondering, no it’s not my husband I’m saying this to. It’s my 22-month old son. After multiple times of finding him without a diaper on, covered in poop, or attempting to take the diaper off; it was time to dive into potty training.

I did the research, asked other moms for help, and bought “prizes” for going on the potty but that didn’t seem to help.

I soon learned my child has a mind of his own and he will do whatever he wants! Potty training was going to be fun…

Sitting him on his new Elmo potty didn’t seem to catch his interest, and neither did the endless amounts of m&m’s.  I knew at that point the 3-day intense training was not going to work for him.

Here we are three weeks into training and we still aren’t quite there.  He understands what the potty is and when he needs to go. But something in him doesn’t want to do it.  At times I wonder if I started him too early or if he will be one of those kids who will take their time to do it…