Paw Patrol is Taking Over My Life!


The Paw Patrol is taking over my family!

When my son was younger I tested out a few different shows to see if any of them would spark an interest.  It seems the only one that was a HUGE hit, was, of course, Paw Patrol.

Flash forward a year; Paw Patrol is now consuming my life.  I can hear every morning on the monitor those two words I’m starting to dread “Paw Paw.”  Then comes “Momma Paw Paw.”  He has even taken it to the next level and figured out how to turn it on himself.  Sure, it may not stay there for long as the remote is a fun toy to play with but it still happens.

It’s even gotten to the point where my husband and I regularly discuss Paw Patrol during our dinner conversations, a sample of our more riveting discussions:

  • Is Mayor Goodway ever going to be up for reelection?
  • Where are Ryder’s parents?
  • Why does Ryder and Marshall’s voice change so much?
  • Where are Alex’s parents?
  • Would Mayor Humdinger ever run against Mayor Goodway in a reelection?
  • Why do they only have 4 fingers?
  • Does Adventure Bay have police or just Chase?
  • How can they get to the snow and jungle so quickly to rescue people? Is Adventure Bay surrounded by mountains AND a jungle?
  • Do you think Zuma gets jealous he doesn’t get to go on as many cases?
  • Would any of the pups ever fall in love with each other?
  • Why can I recognize Paw Patrol character’s voices in other cartoons, but it takes me forever to figure out what show or movie I’ve seen a real actor in? 
  • If Ryder is only 10, how is it legal for him to drive? 
  • Most importantly- WHO PAYS FOR ALL OF THEIR STUFF?! 

Don’t worry, we don’t allow our child sit around all day watching endless amounts of Paw Patrol.  In fact, he is limited to only a few shows a day.  And when the show is on, we only allow it to be background noise while we play with him and his sister.