Who Doesn’t Love a Parenting Meme?!


What is better after a long day of parenting than a good meme?! Here are 10 out of the millions I have pinned on Pinterest.

We all were that person before kids listening to the kid lose it in Walmart, now we see the truth!

When you realize after wanting to grow up so bad that being an adult kind of sucks.

Being a mom can be a messy job! But for real though how many years did it take for them to create this?!

Baby fever is real though!


Only funny because it is so true, bedtime is the worst!

Anyone else get so sick of cleaning up the same things over and over again? There are just those days I call in sick on that job!

Lately, it has been Game of Thrones you have to live with your finger on the pause button with that one in case the little gremlins come in! I remember my mom having a special cabinet of snacks none of us could have, now I am that mom.

If you like your personal space parenting is not for you!

I can not tell you how many times my kids walk past my husband in the kitchen to come into a different room to ask me for a drink! Why?!

Oh to go back to having your first child, by the third I sometimes think Cast Away looks like a nice vacation!

At least we are all in this together and can laugh at ourselves!

I hope you all have a week that is not meme-worthy! Add your favorite memes in the comments!