To Carly: Your Birth Story


Dear Carly,

I anxiously waited for your dad to walk into the door of our new home in Baderville. He had been working a long day at Battery Systems and the few hours that I held the information to myself, that you would gift us with being parents, nearly killed me. He walked in the door and I played it cool for all of five minutes. He was insistent on taking a shower at that moment and mid-undressing I showed him the test that revealed two pink lines- pregnant. His reaction was quiet and he asked me “really?”  and “ I wish I was wearing pants right now,”  which is something we will always laugh about.  As he showered I believe the reality of your arrival sank in. We were very excited and extremely nervous. That night we made a trip to Bookmans where we supplied ourselves with a library of parenting books.

My pregnancy was pretty uneventful. No morning sickness, no cause for concerns. We visited Dr. Graff routinely and your heart beat always sounded strong and you measured right on point. As you grew and my belly stretched you constantly pressed your foot into my ribs on my right side, and I would press back.

The 22 weeks of waiting to learn if you were going to be our little boy or little girl felt like an eternity. Everyone made the trip up to join us for the revealing ultra-sound. Your dad was sure you were a girl. Grandma hoped you were a girl. I was undecided. I had dreams that you were a boy but the one outfit I bought before finding out, was a cute girly romper.  The tech typed out “girl” on the screen and everyone celebrated.

Your due date was August 6th.  All of the Wiesner’s were excited to have another August birthday; however, you decided to join us early. Two weeks and two nights before we expected your arrival I paced back and forth through the house late into the night. I had a severe itchy and tingly feeling all over my body. I called the doctor’s office and spoke to the doctor on call. She was not concerned and told me to just try to take a bath and relax. The next morning the feeling continued, I made the first available appointment to see Dr. Graff. Your dad met me at the office and we learned that I probably had a case of Cholestasis. That this could be dangerous to you and that I could either be induced that night or the next morning. The news was shocking that you would be here so soon. We decided to go in that night with the thought that I could sleep at the beginning of labor. We called everyone to let them know the news that we would be heading to the hospital at 9 o’clock that night to be induced.

That evening, it felt a little strange to be walking into the labor and delivery unit so calm and so prepared. We were immediately put into a room and began your journey into the world. The process was slow and without incident for most of the night and into the morning. Mimi was there and even our good friend Skeeter made a visit. After breakfast, the contractions started to become stronger, so much so that I threw up once. I walked the halls back and forth to ease the pain and quicken the process. I remember being very quiet and focusing with every contraction. The relief in between each contraction becoming less and less, I told the nurses I was ready for an epidural.  They notified the anesthesiologist; however, as they prepped me they realized you were nearly here and it was too late for an epidural.  Your dad stood by my side, making sure not to see the sight below the blanket. Dr. Graff came running in the room in her heels and dress clothes and quickly changed into her hospital scrubs just in time. I pushed for 30 minutes and you made your arrival at 12:08pm, July 23rd 2013.

 It was uncomprehendable that you were actually here and ours forever. I’ll admit that I was in a lot of pain as I was being stitched up, covered in an oxygen mask, hooked up to several monitors that the sentimental actuality didn’t hit me instantly. Later, after the chaos of what is the medical procedure of giving birth died down. I was overwhelmed with the sense of pride and joy.  We spent the rest of the day watching your every movement.

Grandma joined us in the hospital the next morning. The nurses ran all the required tests and unfortunately you had jaundice. We carefully wrapped you up with a bili blanket to help bring your bilirubin levels down but they were still so high to we were required to stay in the hospital with you for one more night. You looked so cute glowing blue and in your little goggles to protect you from the light.  After one more restless night in the hospital the doctors agreed to let us take home the bili blanket and continue your treatments there.  

The next few days consisted of lots of snuggles in the sunroom. It was an unusually cold and rainy July, which made great for mid-day naps. We welcomed Baca, GG, G PA, Jason and Janelle and others to come meet you. Your dad cherished the couple of weeks at home with you before heading back to work.

Then it was just you and me most of the time. I will forever cherish the time we had together just the two of us. My Carly Brooke. Thank you for being my daughter.

Love You Always and Forever,


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Amanda Wiesner
Originally an Arizona desert rat, Amanda Wiesner has been setting her roots down in Flagstaff since deciding to get her degree in Interior Design at NAU. Life came quickly at her as she married her college sweetheart, graduated, bought a home, had baby #1, and then quickly baby #2, in a matter of 3 years. She and her husband also have taken on the responsibility of being landlords. Amanda enjoys the challenges and rewards of being a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, Carly (4) and Morgan (2). When she’s not busy hosting princess tea parties, she enjoys renovating her home, crafting, thrift shopping, and relishing in the great outdoors of Flagstaff.