Local Eats Get My Vote Every Time


One of my favorite things to do when I visit (or move to) a new town is to find out where the locals eat. To be fair, I’m no professional food critic, just a local mom who loves any chance to go out to eat.

We just got news here in our small town that a major west coast burger chain is coming to town which lead me to want to celebrate some of my favorite local eats.

Momma Burger is a tiny little burger joint on your way up to, or back from, Snowbowl. You will wait 20 minutes in their drive through for the best burger, natural cut fries and milkshakes in town. Don’t miss their coffee Oreo milkshake. I’m serious. Don’t.

Tourist Home All Day Cafe offers my favorite lunch combo, a cobb salad and a donut. I know. I know. A little hypocritical, but I argue, it’s all about balance. You must have a crueler donut. I’ve never tasted anything like it, and I’m a huge donut fan. They have a beautiful local bakery case, a sweet patio, consistently amazing service, live music and seriously good food.

Eat ‘N Run Cafe is a newcomer that some locals may not even be aware of because it’s not in the heart of downtown or on Milton Road (a plus for sure). I can walk to this spot from my office on 4th Street, or lately I’m finding myself calling in a curbside pick up. But they have a Waldorf salad that I crave as well as a great selection of salads, sandwiches, and gluten-free options.

Juice Pub & Eatery, in the heart of downtown,  takes smoothie bowls to the next level. They are beautiful, colorful works of art with healthy and interesting combinations. If you’re adventurous, try the Dragon Bowl with cayenne honey and spicy pecans. They also serve a wonderful variety of juices and smoothies, which oddly isn’t easy to find in Flagstaff.

Stronghold Coffee boasts scratch made biscuit sandwiches, my favorite breakfast burritos in town, and, wait for it, homemade pop tarts. You may not think you need a pop tart today, but trust me, you do. They serve specialty coffee drinks with homemade nut milks. Why would you choose pre-packaged chain coffee when you can have so much better?

Fratelli Pizza is my family’s favorite pizza in town. I know pizza gets really personal. Trust me, we spent many years living in Chicago, and pizza is a touchy subject there just like baseball teams. This pizza is consistently amazing, their crust is dip-it-in-ranch worthy, and if you like to try something different, try their Flagstaff pizza. They offer a nice GF crust as well.

Josephine’s will make your special occasion noteworthy. Their lovely, lighted and ivy-dressed patio is picturesque. (Heaters make it cozy when the nights are cool.) I’m not a qualified restaurant critic, just a mom who loves to eat out and eat local, but this menu is full of variety, unexpected dishes, and extra mile flavor. Try the baklava brie appetizer and the short ribs. So good.

Sweet Shoppe is the quintessential candy store. If you’re needing a little something sweet or dessert after a day of hiking and exploring, this place will not disappoint. In addition to cases full of made-in-house chocolates, fudge and my personal favorite, caramel apples, they hand-dip 20 flavors of gelato. Dangerous perfection.  

Well, that by no means is a comprehensive Flagstaff food tour. I’ll leave you to discover your own personal favorites and enjoy the local eats around Flagstaff.