Guide to Fall Color in Flagstaff


Drive around town and you know…fall has come to Flagstaff, Arizona. Fall color in Flagstaff has arrived!

It’s been playing peek-a-boo with us for awhile now, and amateur photographers everywhere (including myself) are walking up and down the city streets capturing the beautiful changes taking place.

The color transition is well underway. And honestly, I’m not trusting that whole “mid- to late-October” guesstimate for “peak color.” It got cold…fast…and you can already enjoy fall color in and around Flagstaff.

Some of my favorite local spots include:

Duck Lake

If you drive past the Continental Country Club Driving Range, you’ll stumble upon two man-made lakes, known as Duck Lake.

A stroller-friendly sidewalk lines the lakes, and its surrounding trees are already transforming from summer green into deep shades of fall, including sunburst orange, deep gold and bright yellow. The picturesque setting also features unobstructed views of Mt. Elden.

Hart’s Prairie 

Located at the base of the San Francisco Peaks, you can reach Hart’s Prairie via FR 151 (Hart Prairie Road). The (sometimes rough) dirt road is actually a loop off Hwy 180, and it will take you through spectacular groves of sky-high aspen trees.

It’s perfect for a picnic or fall camping trip!

Heritage Square

Downtown Flagstaff is lined with beautiful trees each casting a different shade of yellow, gold and red. Heritage Square is surrounded by them, making it a perfect spot to stop, relax and enjoy a coffee.


The gorgeous campus, especially the historic North Campus, abounds with fall color. A weekend stroll around campus will give you the perfect fall fix. Plus, walking alongside young college kids will help remind you of how very, very old you are. Haha!

Hwy 89 to Sedona

This drive does. Not. Disappoint.

Hwy 89 from Flagstaff to Sedona (and then back again), will show you colors you’d only previously dreamed about. As you change elevations, mother nature treats you to one of her most spectacular shows. The overlook atop Hwy 89’s switchbacks is worth the stop, as is making time to explore Oak Creek.

Not sure when to explore fall in Flagstaff?

The Flagstaff Convention & Visitor’s Bureau constantly updates its website LEAFometer, featuring popular tourist attractions such as Arizona Snowbowl, The Arboretum, Inner Basin and more.

No matter where you explore…just make sure you decide to enjoy a little fall in Flagstaff!

Much Love – H

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