Finding Flagstaff Friends


So what happens when you move from a big city with a huge variety of people and many drastically differing opinions to a small town with a seemingly overwhelmingly singular point of view? You feel out of place, that’s what.

Our family moved to Flagstaff almost three years ago and although we love so many things about this town, feeling comfortable around Flagstaff’s people has been tough. In fairness, I was warned by many including teachers, priests, and realtors about Flag’s “cliques” and that it would be tough to fit in here.

With my husband’s training, we had to move quite a bit, about every two years, but always to big cities – Dallas, Miami, Houston. We always managed to make friends easily in every city we moved to. In the big city, you can become instant friends with so many different types of people because you’re surrounded by so many different types of people all the time. You learn to get along with everyone no matter their backgrounds, beliefs or differences. The big cities are mosaics, beautiful in their diversity and opportunities.

Flagstaff and its people create a different, but equally as beautiful space. It’s been well worth the effort to find our own place in this tight-knit community. Although it took some time, we have found friends we adore. I often question if I will always be accepted here. Maybe I will always feel like a big city girl making it work in a small town. Maybe it’s just the newest piece of my own personal growth puzzle. Well, challenge accepted…I love you Flagstaff and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Meet the Guest Writer

Allie Cole and her family moved from Texas to Flagstaff in the summer of 2015. Previously working as a NICU nurse and lactation counselor, Allie provided an interesting combination of high-tech and natural nursing care to infants and children. Now here in Flagstaff, she is a nurse helping local special needs children in their homes. Allie’s been married to her college sweetheart Patrick, a surgeon, over 17 years and they have 3 small children.

“I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in anything, but more of a traveler through life, learning as I go. People who hang with me know my motto- balance. Life can be crazy, so I find balance where I can. I love God, my family, friends and nature. I cherish road trips and a good glass of Cab or a super cold beer”

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