What to Do: Indoor Activities in December With Young Kids


Finding fun indoor activities can be a challenge in the middle of the winter. Besides decorating a Christmas tree and making a gingerbread house, what can you do with your preschoolers / kindergarteners this December at home?

  1. Get an Advent calendar: It’s a special calendar use to count the days in December leading up to Christmas Eve. The calendars are for kids AND adults! We like the classic chocolate calendars – they are a wonderful hands-on way for kids to get into the holiday spirit and to brush up on their numbers. You can get these calendars locally – we bought the adult (i.e. non-chocolate) one at Bright Side Bookshop and the kid (i.e. chocolate) ones at Sprouts.

  1. Make cookies and decorate them: Sure, they won’t look like Melissa Clark’s cookie box (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/01/dining/holiday-cookie-box.html) but it is fun and the kids really get into the action. As long as the clean freak in me expects some mess before starting this activity, I am better able to tolerate the icing going everywhere. You can also skip the decorating and just enjoy the icing-less cookies.


  1. Use cookie cutters for fine motor activities: Cookie cutters are more versatile than you think! They are great for building hand strength and coordination. You can use cookie cutters as stencils and have your kids trace around the inside (or outside). Another idea is to play cookie cutter fishing. All you need is a bin or bowl with water and a pipe cleaner fishing pole so the kids can “fish” cookie cutters from water. Using cookie cutters is an excellent way to play with play doh as well.


  1. Craft a holiday card: My kids are really into cutting and identifying shapes these days. If you have construction paper, scissors and glue, you can outline simple designs that your kids can cut and glue on a sturdy paper. If your kids are old enough, they can write a short message to their cousins or grandparents. They can also help you prepare the mailing envelope.

  1. Have an at-home spa day: My kids love taking a bath. You can add extra bubbles or turn on a relaxing song. You can also lay out bathrobes nicely for them. If you really want to spice up their bath experience, you can add a bath bomb that brings endless fun, unique scent, exciting fizz and vibrant color to the tub.

What are some indoor activities you enjoy in December with your kids? Please feel free to share!