Thankful Tree {DIY Idea}


We all know fall in Flagstaff is beautiful. It can also be a time of year where time starts to speed up and it can feel like the start of survival mode before the craziness of the holidays.

In my family, we started a tradition of taking the month of November to remember all the things we have to be thankful for. Every year at the start of November I make a tree out of scrapbook paper or paper bags. Then I put it on the wall somewhere in the center of our home. Using a silhouette or a stencil and all different colors of paper I cut out leaves.

How We Practice Thankfulness 

I let each child do one leaf every day and usually one leaf a day for my husband and me to takes turns with. Each night at dinner time we give each child a leaf and they write what they are thankful that day. It is fun to see their answers evolve. The first few days it is easy for them to come up with answers but usually, by the end of the month, they struggle to find answers and usually some funny ones come out!

Let me know if you do any fun traditions with your kids in the fall!