Movies & Shows to Fall for Again


I LOVE fall. I am that woman waiting all year to drink pumpkin spice, wear scarves, get out my boots, and take 1,000 pictures of my smush bear in the leaves. Here are my top pics for shows and movies to get you in the Fall mood. Want to know the best part? You can stream them all right now! 

For Kids

Super Monsters Monster Party (Netflix)

Coco (Netflix)

Room on the Broom (Netflix)

Spooky Buddies (Netflix) 

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (Netflix)

Curious George: A Halloween Boofest

Halloween Party Barney (Hulu) 

The Wiggles: Wiggly Halloween (Hulu) 

Hocus Pocus (Rent or buy on Amazon)

Halloween Town (Rent or buy on Amazon)

The Wizard of Oz (Amazon prime) 

Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about Halloween (Amazon prime)

Scooby-Doo Night Time Terror (Amazon Prime)

For Grown Ups

Practical Magic (Rent or buy on Amazon)

When Harry Met Sally (Rent or buy on Amazon)

Dead Poet’s Society (Rent or buy on Amazon)

You’ve got Mail (Rent or buy on Amazon)

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

Good Witch (Netflix)

The Butcher’s Wife (Rent or buy on Amazon)

Frasier Season 5, episode 3 (Hulu)

Malcom in the Middle Season 7, episode 4 (Hulu) 

What are your favorite Fall Movies and TV Shows?