How We Are Fighting The Flu (Naturally) This Season


As I am writing this, my baby is on her fourth bout of illness this winter. She is eleven months old, eats more fruits and veggies than me, and still has been hit ruthlessly by this flu season. Kids are germ buckets, and this year it feels inevitable that everyone will get it at some point. It often feels easy to reach for over-the-counter this and that, but I encourage you to explore the world of natural healing. Often, I find it to be a more sustainable way of treating illness long-term and I feel much better knowing exactly what goes into my girls’ tiny body.

Here is how we are combating it in the best way for us:

1) Little yummy, lots of water. We like to mix our water with a little bit of something I am sure she will drink. For us, that is grape juice. This allows me to be sure that she is getting lots of water in during a time where hydration is critical.

2) Essential Oils. The effects of essential oils are incredible and run into our lives in every area. During flu season, I diffuse eucalyptus or peppermint around the clock to help with the congestion, and lavender and cinnamon at night to warm and calm her little body. Do your own research on brands, but we have a little bit of everything and it works well for us.

3) Humidifier. Y’all… If you do not have one, don’t walk but RUN and get one. During naptime and bedtime, we have it running on full blast and she seems to be able to breathe so much better when she wakes up.

4) Get outside. This one is much easier this year because it is so unseasonably warm in Flagstaff. A short stroll, sit on the porch, or even a drive with the windows down. If anything, it’ll give you a change of scenery for a few minutes before you go back to cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix.

5) Elderberry syrup. This stuff is a powerhouse full of antioxidants, boosts immunity and helps with congestion. You can find recipes anywhere, or buy it at a health food store such as Whole Foods or Natural Grocers. We omit the honey by using a little bit of hot water or agave and it works out just fine for us. 

Has your family been hit by the flu this season? How are you fighting it?