Working Mom & Having It All?


We’ve all heard it, the big push for “having it all” as a working mom.  “You can have the career you’ve always dreamed of AND be a mom.”  They said.

I’m not here to bash on the new movement for more women leaders but with the way real life is right now, all that means to me is more work for mom’s. 

So…I’m here to confess, I don’t want it all.

When I found out I was pregnant with my son I made a good, honest evaluation of how much time I spent enthralled in my role managing a newly developing health care delivery system.  I loved the challenges of this role, the problems we were solving and the thrill when our innovative ideas came to fruition. Still, I wondered how I was going to manage attending multiple evening board meeting and the challenging work that I often brought home, while caring for a new baby?

Eventually, I realized I just couldn’t handle it.

I made the frightening move of changing jobs when I was seven months pregnant.  There was no hiding that I would soon be taking some time off and I obviously “had a lot going on in my personal life.” Luckily, my new job was with my previous boss, with whom I had worked with for a handful of years.  She had been trying to get me to come back to my old company for some time.  And she was a mother herself, understanding what motherhood entailed, especially early on.

To date, it has been the best career move I’ve made.  I’m able to volunteer in my son’s classroom on a weekly basis and take time for myself occasionally.  The benefits of flexibility, time and little stress with my Work At Home position while having a supportive, understanding boss are exactly what I need during this stage of motherhood.  It allows me to experience the unforgettable moments and silly memories that cannot be recreated. Nothing beats being able to see the proud smile on my son’s face as I walk through his school doors while hearing him tell his friends, “My mom is here today,” as we exchange waves across the classroom then having the other student’s come to me saying, “Dash’s Mom, can I be the next to do a lesson with you?”

I know that job opportunities will come and go but I can never get back this time with my son.

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Kristin Kauffman is a Wyoming native that found her way to the mountains of Flagstaff after attending undergraduate studies at Arizona State University, and spending time training for Ironman Triathlon and swimming with sharks in Kailua Hawaii. She is a Sr. Lead compliance & Regulation Investigator for a major healthcare company and an alumnus of Northern Arizona University where she earned her MPA. Kristin met and married her husband Dave in Flagstaff and they have a spunky and silly young son, Dash who absolutely lives up to his name.


  1. This is such a great article!! Looking back after spending years to obtain my Masters Degree and working with a MSW and eventually an LCSW I remember the day I decided to just “be home”….that was when I had 2 kiddos…..20+ years later and 5 kids total (2 adopted) I don’t have any regrets! The time flew by and the memories will last forever and the hugs are stronger from them to me cause they know what I gave up to be with them!

  2. Your articles are positive memories of living with your precious son. Yes, those memories will serve you well, however the time with your son is beyond measure; you’ve enriched his life forever.

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