We Need A Mom Cave


Late last night, my attempt to sleep away from the family (so as not to share my summer cold) officially failed. A tiny visitor had arrived on the couch some time in the night. That’s when it hit me: We need a mom cave!

I mean really – we have man caves, but no one needs a cave more than mom. 

If you’re anything like me, your current cave is probably the bathroom or closet. Not super comfy or desirable, and definitely not a place you can sleep. What’s more, you probably spend all of 3 to 5 minutes in your “cave” listening to a child saying “Mom, Mom, Mom,” from the other side of the door. 

After another severe coughing fit, and strategically relocating my daughter to not be so close to me, I began daydreaming about a Mom Cave. 

It would be sound proof. 

Truly…sound…proof. I would not be able to hear a child saying “mom, mom, mom,” just outside the door. 

Once inside my Mom Cave walls, the rest of the world would just slip away. I’d be totally alone – able to laugh, cry or just stare at a wall in complete silence. 

Conversely, no one outside its walls would be able to hear what’s  happening inside. I could scream at the top of my lungs for a couple seconds, sing along to cuss-word laden songs or watch those worthless adult shows like 90 Day Fiance, My Gypsy Wedding or anything on Bravo (a.k.a., Brain Candy) without anyone knowing. 

It would have a secret entrance. 

No one else even needs to know the Mom Cave exists! I’m picturing something like those hidden entrances in elaborate mansions or the White House.

Imagine how fun it would be to have a bookcase door entrance, or a revolving wall that when you lift your favorite high-heel off the shoe-shelf, it does a full 360 and deposits you in the Mom Cave. Yes…I need this in my life. 

It would have a spa-like interior. 

No overhead lighting. Candles everywhere without the risk of fire. Soft piano music playing. The soft scent of lavender in the air. A fuzzy-covered plush chaise lounge – perfect for relaxing or sleeping (when you’re sick!). Oh, and a wall waterfall feature. 

Of course, it would also have the necessities – a mini wet bar with coffee maker and wine always stocked. Plus all those foods we’re not supposed to eat now that our metabolism is slowing down…things like Cheetos, spinach-artichoke dip, an unlimited supply of fresh, hot French Bread, and the list goes on. 

Sigh. Can you picture it? 

Seriously – Joanna Gaines, HGTV, Sunset Magazine – GET ON THIS!! 

We need to make the Mom Cave a reality, and preferably an upgrade available on every new home model from this day forward. Ideally, I’d also like an online kit I can order and install myself (like a dry sauna). haha! 

What would you have in your Mom Cave? Tell us in the comments below. 

Much Love – H 



  1. It should also include a shelf for books that I have good intentions of reading, but most likely never will. But it would make me feel literary just by having them in my presence. Or maybe the quiet space would inspire actual reading.

    • I’ll have you over for wine the second I convince Joanna to build a prototype mom cave at my place. Haha! ?

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