Tiffany [ Candid Motherhood ]


“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake

Leslie O’Hara of Leslie O Photo spent an afternoon with Tiffany and her sweet daughter. We’d call this session a classic Flagstaff mother-daughter date. Storytime at Bright Side Bookshop followed by hot cocoa at Macy’s European Coffee House.

These images capture our hearts and remind us of those sweet moments we share when we slow down and enjoy the journey of motherhood. The way Tiffany looks at her daughter – you can feel the love radiating. The shot of her holding The Little Book of Love captures it perfectly. Motherhood and love – so perfectly entwined. 

We can all agree – Motherhood is hard. It’s exhausting, draining and at times all-consuming. But for every hard thing, there’s a sweet reward in turn. Watching our children grow and thrive as they learn about the world around them is a really beautiful experience. We may feel that not every moment of our day is worthy of a social media post, but let’s remember to see the goodness in the little things. 

Thank you, Leslie and Tiffany, for sharing this sweet session with us. 

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