Three People Who Impacted My 2019


I write this to you, on the last day of 2019, reflecting the big changes that have been made this year and how we will start the new. My family had a giant year that included selling and buying a home and my husband and I both starting new jobs. Some impacts are fresh in my mind and we will continue to think of them as we grow into new challenges of our life:

Tony Horton


Truthfully, we actually ended 2018 with Tony Horton, who you may know from late night informercials. I had my second baby in 2018 and by the end of it I was done feeling wobbly, my husband, likewise noticed a growing dad bod. Enter our Christmas present to ourselves, P90x3, which we bought off Ebay (no sketchy MLMs required!). I won’t pretend it wasn’t hard but I did see some pretty amazing results even without actually finishing (remember that housing change I mentioned?).  and I’m pleased to end my 2019 starting the program again. I love the convenience of not going anywhere or dressing a certain way, my daughter loves “helping” with out workout. Tony is a weird guy, and he says some off hand things, but beyond his quirk, he definitely knows what he’s doing.

Marie Kondo

Remember at the beginning of 2019 when Marie Kondo premiered her Netflix show and everyone was obsessed for like two months!? I love Marie Kondo, she’s creative, adorable and I’m like two inches taller than her. She does what I would love to do, but she’s much nicer about having people get rid of their crap. Surprisingly as a minimalist, I had heard of Kondo but didn’t know much about her. I binged her show in about a week and while nothing was earth shattering, she gave me great tips for organization that I hold onto.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey taught me a lot about money and budgeting that I definitely should have known my entire adult life, but didn’t. My husband and I began listening to his podcast for some budgetary advice, and halfway through the year we were hooked! We were gifted Financial Peace University and paid off 1/3 of our debt. This year, we have a plan to pay off the rest while we work on what is still a pretty rocky budget. He’s someone I won’t agree with all the time, but his system gets results!