You Need A Summer Bucket List – Free Printable


Pinterest is full of amazing ideas for making the most of your summers, including a summer bucket list. But as much as I pin ideas, I rarely execute them.

Pinning them is not enough.

My husband and I were recently discussing summer vacation ideas and the conversation shifted to all the places we want to go with the kids “some day.” The list included Yellowstone, the Redwood Forest, Gearhart, Oregon (since my family’s last name is Gearhart), some place via train and Disney World, among others.

Then my 8-year-old son walked in and it hit us: We have 10 summers left.

It is not enough time.

The first eight summers have flown by. And some of the places on our list are not going to be very exciting for an older teenager – likely forced to leave his friends (maybe even a girlfriend!?!) to join his “lame family” on a vacation.

The thought makes me shudder. It also makes me realize how precious every eight weeks of summer truly are.

When I look back at the last seven summers…there isn’t a whole lot that stands out. I have been merely surviving summer break instead of enjoying our precious time together.

We only have so much time with our kids, and it is so very true that the days are long, but the years are short.

So this summer, for the first time ever, we made a Summer Bucket List.

It’s not super fancy. The truth is, it doesn’t take much to make a memorable summer – just a little planning to be present in the moment with your kids.

This year’s summer bucket list doesn’t tackle any of the “big” destinations my husband and I have in mind due to a previously planned family reunion in Tennessee. But it did get us all talking about what we want to do this summer to make it one to remember.

It includes things like having sleepovers with friends, going to the pool, going camping, eating ice cream for dinner, etc. We all contributed a minimum of four (4) ideas each to create our list. And the end result is exciting.

We’re only one week into summer and we’ve already crossed off a few items – with more to look forward to throughout the season.

You’re free to peruse Pinterest at your heart’s content, but promise yourself you’ll do more than pin those pin-tastic ideas.

It’s not too late to create your Summer Bucket List. And to make it even easier, feel free to download and use a free printable below, courtesy of Flagstaff Moms Blog!

Much Love, H