Single Mom Sick Days

We all know that moms can do it all, but who takes care of us when we get sick? If you said Dad/Partner/Spouse you’re lucky. See, I’m a single mom so there isn’t anybody else. 
When I’m sick, I either do it or it doesn’t get done. Sometimes, not much gets done.  Thankfully, my boys are old enough that they can microwave some food and take care of their pets without my help. 
During that week, no meals were cooked, trash wasn’t taken out, they didn’t shower, and the laundry wasn’t even started.  The only dishes washed were a soup mug and some spoons – and not by me. I couldn’t taste any soap in my soup so they did a pretty good job.  I only had to talk them through it step by step and pretend I didn’t hear things being spilled on the floor. We have a dog, he can lick it up, right?
When the boys were younger, I would have loved for someone to help with dishes, or make me a meal. That would have been a bonus for any day even when I wasn’t under the weather.
I’ve gotten pretty good at asking for help, but do me a favor, check on your single mom friends.  They might not ask – but we all could use some help.