Recent Reads to Recommend


I’ve been reading a ton.

I’m a pretty avid reader but with quarantine, I’m trying to set better work/life boundaries. I make a strong attempt to stay off my phone during the evenings and weekends and pick up a book instead. It’s been so much better for my mental health and for my sleep. I love ordering books from Brightside Bookshop or picking them up from the Flagstaff Library – their curbside pickup system is excellent.

The Vanishing Half – It’s already been optioned for a film, and for good reason. It pulls you in and breaks your heart while opening your eyes.

Such a Fun Age – Read this. The duality of the two characters and their inner monologues about each other are relevant and relatable.

The Grace Year – If you are a fan of The Hunger Games series or The Handmaids Tale, you’ll appreciate this one.

Nothing to See Here – A little quirky but full of heart. As a mom with a non-typical child, I really felt this one.

Friends and Strangers – I’m halfway through this and can’t stop thinking about it. The characters are vibrant and the story is sharp and layered.

Mexican Gothic – I LOVED the Nancy Drew series as a kid – I think I’ve read almost every book in the collection. This felt like that but with a good dose of 1950’s Mexico and some mystical realism.

What’s something you’ve recently read and would recommend?