Hi, I’m A Mom – and a Pizza Delivery Gal


As my kids were getting older and the fog cleared from my diaper changing days, I realized the possibility of me heading back to the workforce wasn’t sure a far-fetched idea anymore. I found myself excited about the concept and then suddenly on the verge of tears to be wishing away my baby bearing/wearing days.

Our financial situation could definitely benefit from a dual income and my social life could use a boost too. With my youngest only being two years old the desire to head back to work full time wasn’t something I was seeking. And with the limitations of pay, job opportunities, and childcare expenses, a part-time job just didn’t make sense.  

Until Pizza Delivery.

Yep, I played the role of a stay-at-home- mom/pizza delivery girl and I’m here to tell you it was pretty awesome. I would spend my days playing hide-and-seek with my girls and a few nights a week I drove around collecting that sweet tip money.

The pay was great, I never worked the weekends, and the job was easy. I almost couldn’t complain but the truth is, I had to do dishes and my car now smells like pizza.

Would you take a job like pizza delivery driver as a mom?

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Amanda Wiesner
Originally an Arizona desert rat, Amanda Wiesner has been setting her roots down in Flagstaff since deciding to get her degree in Interior Design at NAU. Life came quickly at her as she married her college sweetheart, graduated, bought a home, had baby #1, and then quickly baby #2, in a matter of 3 years. She and her husband also have taken on the responsibility of being landlords. Amanda enjoys the challenges and rewards of being a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, Carly (4) and Morgan (2). When she’s not busy hosting princess tea parties, she enjoys renovating her home, crafting, thrift shopping, and relishing in the great outdoors of Flagstaff.