Mom About Town: Rebekah Kaufman

We’re excited to present our newest editorial series, Mom About Town. In this series, we will highlight mothers in Flagstaff that are doing amazing things! From business owners to volunteers and community ambassadors we hope these interviews are encouraging and inspirational. 

Rebekah Kaufman

:: Meet Rebekah ::

Tell us a little about yourself, and your family:

I’ve been married 22 years, and I’m a mom to two boys (ages 16 and 13) and two dogs (Chaco and Diego).

Share a little history behind your passion, and how you got started:

I’m the owner of barre3 Flagstaff, a fitness studio at Aspen Place. For those that have never done barre3, it’s a 60-minute full-body workout that combines cardio, strength conditioning and mindfulness to transform and balance your body and mind. I definitely had a non-traditional path to becoming a fitness studio owner! For most of my adult life, I was a litigator at an international law firm based in San Francisco. Though I enjoyed being a lawyer, it was never the thing that lit me up–I was never the person reading law magazines in my free time! I would instead spend hours reading about the latest wellness trends, pouring through cookbooks, etc. I became obsessed with barre workouts from the moment I took my first one back in 2008. I would go 3-5 times each week and would fit it in whenever I could because honestly, it was the only time during my day when I could get out of my head and high stress and just reconnect with myself. As I started to get increasingly burned out as a lawyer, my husband and I began talking about a different, slower life for us and our family. Fast forward to 2016 when I quit my job and we moved to Flagstaff. I opened my studio in April 2017!

What’s a bit of insight you would share with yourself if you could go back in time? 

Stop living your because you think you should do something or you are afraid to try something new. Seriously, just stop.

What motivates and inspires you?

I actively get myself in an inspired, high energy state every morning. I wake up before anyone else, grab a cup of coffee, and then climb back into bed. I usually meditate, read something that inspires me or journal, and then move my body. That’s my special sauce for a great day!

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Connecting with our clients every day.

What is the most challenging thing you encounter as a mother pursuing her passions? 

That feeling that there is never enough time.

What advice would you share with another mother starting her own journey to follow her passion?

Worry less about the effect on your kids. They really will be okay and you are modeling something pretty darn awesome—following your dreams and making stuff happen.

What are some of your Favorites?

1. Coffee: Firecreek Coffee; Tea: Lialeaf  (Closed)

2. A drink at the Annex

3. Hiking

4. Hot baths with tons of Epsom salts.

5. barre3; tobemagnetic; jennazoe; ohsheglows