Meet the Contributor: Sarah


 A husband, two sons and two dogs.

Job: Public-interest Attorney.

What brought you to Flagstaff: Technically my husband’s job. We were graduating from law school and ready for an “adventure.” We were ready to go wherever one of us got a job – and that turned out to be Flagstaff. Nine years ago! I’d honestly never even considered Arizona as a place to live…

Early Bird or Night Owl: I used to be such a night owl. And then I had kids. And they are early birds. So… now so am I. I think what I like about both staying up late and waking up early is how quiet things can get. I mean, again, before kids.

Favorite thing to do with your Family: We have a nice Sunday routine in the summer of making breakfast and all going to the Farmer’s Market. We had a really successful camping overnight a couple of weeks ago that makes me excited to do that more as a family, too.

Kids Age Difference: 2.5 years, now they’re 1 and 3.5.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee!!! Always coffee.

Favorite/Least Favorite Household chore: I like parts of lots of chores. I don’t mind washing dishes or clothes… but I hate putting the clean ones away. I am way better at cleaning-cleaning things than de-cluttering.

Something you are looking forward to: Kids-wise, it’s been so fun as my younger son is becoming more mobile and interactive and the kids can really start playing together so I’m looking forward to that happening more. General life-wise, we have some trips coming up and friends visiting that I’m looking forward to. Neither my husband nor I are from Arizona and so we’ve got to travel or host to see most loved ones!

Favorite Thing to do in Flagstaff with/without kids: Probably having beers and Pizzicletta pizza at Mother Road. Both the craft beer scene and the pizza scene have really taken off in town since we moved here – and I love them both!

Best Mom Hack: My best and probably only Mom Hack: I have 3 bento-style lunch boxes for each kid and I pack all 3 at once. When my older son was in school full-time, I only had to deal with lunches twice a week. Now he goes 3 days/week and I only have to deal with them once.

Something you love about yourself: I can really crack myself up.

Favorite thing about being a Mom: Guiding these people from squishy lumps to well-rounded people. I get such a thrill from my older son showing and telling me things he has learned without me, “you know about fire ants, mom?”

Going back in time, one thing you would tell yourself right before you became a mother: It’s going to be good and you’re going to be good at it. Being a mom will be your favorite thing you have ever done, will make your hair grey and curly, and will bring you a sense of purpose despite some serious outer chaos.