Meet the Contributor: Jessie Luckey

Hey everyone! Jessie with Flagstaff Mom Blog here to tell you a little more about myself.
Here are some amazing people I love! My core family consists of my husband Aaron and our almost 1 year old daughter! We also have two dogs, Clover and Horseshoe and 9 chickens all named after the X-Men. We are also an occasional foster family.
What brought you to Flagstaff:
In 2007 I moved to Flagstaff to attend NAU. My senior year I went with some friends to downtown’s annual summer event: Dancing on the Square; it was there that I met my now husband. We love Flagstaff so much that we bought a house in Doney Park and settled.
Hobbies:  I love musical theatre and all that comes with it!
This spring my family was able to participate in Flagstaff Light Opera Company’s production of Legally Blonde the Musical. 
Pictured left: My dog Horseshoe as Bruiser Woods.
Pictured below: My husband’s butt as Kyle the UPS Man (Photo credit: Matthew Sutphen)


Best Mom Hack: Babies + Boobs= BFFS
Favorite thing to do with your Family: We love to be outside!
 Favorite/Least Favorite Household chore:
I don’t have a favorite chore. Does anyone? I have chores I choose to do over others and chores I tolerate. I don’t do dishes and I don’t dust.
Going back in time, one thing you would tell yourself right before you became a mother:
You’re going to be able to do all the things you want to do, and all the things you do now – it’s just going to look a lot different. 
Favorite Thing to do in Flagstaff with/without kids:
Creek trips are my favorite!

That’s all for now. Let me know if there is anything you want to know more about me!