Meet the Contributor: Brooke Joiner

Family: Me, husband Nick, 2-year-old daughter Josie, and 4-month-old daughter Isla 
Job: Currently a Domestic Engineer (aka stay at home mom), previously a Graphic Designer
What brought you to Flagstaff: An internship 11 years ago. I loved Flagstaff so much that I was determined to stay. The company I interned at eventually hired me and that is also where I met my husband!
Early Bird or Night Owl: Neither. I read a quote once that sums me up perfectly, “I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.”
Favorite thing to do with your Family: Eat, play at the pool, and just spend time with our extended family.
Kids Age Difference: 2 years and 3 months
Coffee or Tea: COFFEE!
Going back in time, one thing you would tell yourself right before you became a mother: Slow down and just enjoy being a mom.
Something you are looking forward to: Taking my older daughter to Disney World – she loves Mickey Mouse and princesses!
Favorite Thing to do in Flagstaff with/without kids: Explore new restaurants and coffee shops. If they are kid friendly – even better!
Best Mom Hack: Backpack style baby bags and baby carriers. Anything that helps me have free hands!
The greatest challenge you’ve faced: Balancing work and kids.
Favorite thing about being a Mom: Watching your children grow into the most amazing little, independent people that you could never have even imagined possible.

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